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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Scarves

Good Morning Everyone!
YAY !  It is Friday. 
Theses Two Scarves are made from an Old T-Shirt. 
This is a little longer than my normal post, so bare with me.

   I made this first one last night with the left over bottom half of the T-Shirt I used on Project Re-Style #8.  It took me, with sewing on the buttons, about 30 minutes,(Maybe.) 
Without the buttons, 5 minutes, if that.. 
Something to add to our 5 Minute Fridays.
   Aren't 5 Minute Fridays Fun.
YAY for Easy!!

Pom Pom Scarf is a little more time consuming.
This one I added small pom poms to and tied with string.  This Idea was given to me at our afternoon coffee meeting, that  I attend when I can.  You see everyday My Mom my Grandmother and Elaine have coffee time and share  ideas.   Elaine and my Mom always have the best eye for things,  she and my Mom are my researchers.  They see things, and being  fellow amazing Crafters themselves, they bring  me all kinds of ideas.  Elaine saw this scarf in a boutique  and drew it out for me on a piece of  paper.  She then handed me the pom poms, and said "Make it."(LOL)   I just had to find a scarf.   Well when I made this 5 min scarf last night, the light bulb clicked on.  I thought I need to attempt this.  
So here it is, and I LOVE it. 
Super Great Idea E!

   Tutorial for Another 5 Minute Scarf.

  So here is the next one.
 Tutorial for the Pom Pom Scarf

 This took me about 1.5 to 2 hours.
Thanks E, I L O V E  how it turned out.
Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. That pom pom scarf is genius! I LOVE the look, and they both dress up that teal shirt beautifully!
    Hmmm... I wonder if I have anything around the house that could substitute for pom poms. If so, I know what I'm doing this weekend! :)
    Great job!

  2. Lovely!!! Your scarf is too cute!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment, I was absolutely stunned that my dress was picked for project restyle. :)

  3. This scarf is so incredible.
    Where do you have your idea from? You have so many...

  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try this out! :)

  5. very cute - I've never seen anything like it and it reminds me of old fashioned smocking. Adorable!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really!? amazing! The pom pom one is obviously my favorite! I don't have any T-shirts left to make it though! ahhhh noooot fair!

    you are too amazing. I know I totally tell you that daily but its true!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Beautiful!!! I love the first one with the buttons on the ends. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Absolutely amazing result!
    And I am so envious of your coffee time!

  9. I especially love the pompon one! What a great double ReStyle project! One tee, two projects. Awesome!
    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  10. Love love love this!!! Such great ideas (as always)!!

  11. Oh My I love these scarves! You did a great job. I am stopping by from http://itsybitsypaper.blogspot.com

  12. OH WOW!!! I LOVE this and so EASY!!!
    THANKS!!! for sharing
    Became a NEW!!! follower, Can't wait to see what else to make!!!
    Come by and visit!!!

  13. Wow, I love the scarf with the pom poms! Thinking I might have to raid hubby's t-shirt drawer!! :)

  14. Thank you so much..It was fun to make..

  15. These are adorable! I love the fun accessories on them! Gray is perfect for a scarf. I also just finished a cotton gray one!

  16. I want to eavesdrop on that creative talk during your coffee clutch...

    these scarves are AMAZING. you inspire me to tackle my neglected teeshirt upcycled projects...

    Thanks for sharing this at Creative Juice Thursday...

  17. You are seriously talented. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

  18. I love the look of this scarf but not so crazy about the visible strings around the pom-poms. I think I'm going to try using the tiny clear hair elastics instead. Thanks for the idea!


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