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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Easy, No Sew Halter: DIY

 What happens when your whole world gets turned Upside down, sideways, topsy -turvy,  inside-out
and completely and totally different in a matter of moments?.
What happens is, we as humans and survivors, we  adapt and move forward because we have to, there is no other option.

I sit here now and remember conversations I had so many times with my Grandmother Polly about her and her family during the great depression. I would ask her "What did you all do"  My Polly would say with a very strong voice  "We Were Fine!  We were Lucky, we had a farm and food.  We would feed as many people as we could. I never remember going hungry or not having the essentials like Food a Water, Shelter, and Transportation."  I admired her so much, such a strong woman. She lived to be 101, and lived on her own until the week she passed away. 

 I think of how much  we all have stepped away from being grateful for the essentials and wonderful   feeling of  gratefulness. I have been reminded of how truly grateful I  am over the last two weeks.
Grateful for my Family.
My Home.
My Friends.
My Life.

Starting April 4, just like 75% of the Country my whole company has been pretty much Furloughed.

 Now I am forced to really look at what I want to be for the rest of my life. Do I want to continue on the path I was on, Or.... do want to focus on what  I really want to do.
The trial is here. Maybe your trial is here too. Is it  time for you to  dream about who you really want to be.?   If this is the case make then make your Dreams BIG, create in your mind a vision of your future self.
Sometimes in the middle of a storm everything becomes crystal clear.  Do you all  know what I mean? Everything around you is spinning, churning, chaotic but you know in your soul, deep down in your soul,  you will be fine.  We will be fine.

We will remain strong for those of us who are sick.
We will help others that need help.
We will band together as the great humans that we are.
We will love one another and care for one another.
We will find our Grace,
We will find our Purpose.
We will be forever changed  as ONE  body of people.
Our World is Sick right now and needs Rest, lots of  tender loving care but most of all LOVE.

The Stress can be  so overwhelming that  it takes us to our knees. This will determine the type of person you will be in the future. This Moment in time will build in your character,  good or bad, and forge resilience in each and every one of us.

I have mourned so much over the last two weeks for family's, friends, nurses, military, first responders and I will continue to pray for all of them daily.

Now its time for me to create something that will relieve a little stress,  to hopefully help  in my own way.
Creation is the beginning of everything. It is what gives us life and purpose.

I will be working on my blog full time now, creating things and hopefully giving ideas to you  and a little stress relief from all of the bad news that is circling around us.

I really want to say a great big "Thank You!" to everyone for always being such  a positive influence in my life.

Together we  will get though this. I am here for you if you need to vent or just talk.

You can always reach me on  my Instagram. Just DM me whenever you are feel unsure or scared and please know you are not alone.
If I can give you a little peace I will. 

Now lets go make some easy summer halters out of just a plain o'l tee shirt....

Monday, March 23, 2020

Bunny Wreath, DIY

 I saw a couple of these cute little Bunny Wreath's but I could not  really find any easy tutorials.
This one I did is a  no sew and only took me a hour to create. Plus it is not permanent and you can recycle it to something completely different.
I also did a little Baby Bunny wreath and made a Video tutorial for that one  HERE.    

Like everyone else we are on a lock down for 15 days  most likely longer. 
  We are choosing to stay inside or around our house to stop the spread of this virus. I  do have to go to the store tomorrow, So I will have my list and will go and come right back home.

Praying for all of the Health care Professionals that caring for the sick and fighting for everyone.  
I am doing my best to stay busy and positive and create new things for others to do to take their minds off all of this even if it just for 30 minutes. 
Sending all of you love and prayers.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Easy, Three Tier, Tassle Earrings: DIY

 Tassel obsession Alert!  I started making these cute little tassel earrings and I can't stop.
You will not believe what I used to make them. It made making them much faster and a lot easier.
Do you like this trendy kind of earring ? 
I love that you can make them in any color combo so they will match with every outfit.
I call these Tutti-frutti .
Click below to see how you can make them too.

The video tutorial is slightly different.
I made the tassels in the video bigger and more full.
The ones on the written tutorial I used  less thread but they still look amazing.