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Monday, March 23, 2020

Bunny Wreath, DIY

 I saw a couple of these cute little Bunny Wreath's but I could not  really find any easy tutorials.
This one I did is a  no sew and only took me a hour to create. Plus it is not permanent and you can recycle it to something completely different.
I also did a little Baby Bunny wreath and made a Video tutorial for that one  HERE.    

Like everyone else we are on a lock down for 15 days  most likely longer. 
  We are choosing to stay inside or around our house to stop the spread of this virus. I  do have to go to the store tomorrow, So I will have my list and will go and come right back home.

Praying for all of the Health care Professionals that caring for the sick and fighting for everyone.  
I am doing my best to stay busy and positive and create new things for others to do to take their minds off all of this even if it just for 30 minutes. 
Sending all of you love and prayers.

Things You Need.

Foam Round wreath any size
Medium Pom Pom I made mine using the Pom Pom Maker  HERE
Felt: Tan and Pink
Paper for templates
Chenille Yarn
6 Straight pins

  •  Wrap the foam wreath in the chenille yarn anchor with a straight  pin or a floral pin
  • Make sure the yarn is close together.

  • Cut out  the Bunny ear template outer and inner

  • Mark the felt with the Template
  •  Cut out the ears.

  •  Using fabric glue, Glue the inner ear to the outer ear.

  •  Make a small slit in the bottom of the ear

  •  Chris cross them over each other.
  • Add the straight pins

  •   Using two straight pins, Pin to the Top of the foam wreath

  • Glue the little bunny toes

  • Pin the bunny paws to the wreath.

  •  Tie the Pom Pom Bunny tail to the wreath.

I added a Pink Bow, but that is optional.

Hang in your Favorite spot.
The cutest little wreath for Easter.
Love you all.


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