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Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer.

Teal and Red, one of my most favorite color combos.
I think I will tranistion these pants into fall with golden yellows and burnt orange.

 Shirt~ Express, Red jeans ~Ross, Shoes~ Target, Purse~ I re-styled HERE, bracelets~ I made all of them except the cross one, Rings I made HERE

 With fashion week quickly approaching it is time to say a sad farewell to summer.
 On the brighter side, I am really  looking forward to cooler days and crisp nights, the sound of football in the background while we all talking in the kitchen about what to wear for Halloween.
So I say my last good byes to summer, and  happily greet Fall with a big smile.
Lots of <3,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Circle Rings, DIY

Everyone that is really close to me knows that I am obsessed with circles, 
and now all of you know it too. 
When I was little I was drawn to circles and anything sphere shaped or round.
 It hasn't changed a bit since I became an adult, I am still obsessed.
 These cute little circle rings are made with an over sized jump rings 
or a circle of some sort and a little silver wire.

Things you need.
  1. Wire 20 gauge sliver* Michael's
  2. Large jump rings or anything you have that is round* Michael's
  3. Pliers 
  4. Candle

 Cut your wire about 6 inches
 Wrap one end of the wire around the jump ring,* I covered where the jump ring meets*.
This might take a little practice but once you do it one or two times, it becomes easier.
 Wrap the wire around your candle to get the shape and size you need
 experiment to see what the perfect size is for you.
 now wrap the other end of the wire around the jump ring.
Trim the excess wire 
make sure it matches the other side on how many times it wraps around.
On this ring mine wrapped around 4 times.

 Now go to town,
They make great little gifts for a friend.
CIRCLE (sun disc, sacred hoop, ring): An ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, female power, and the sun. To earth-centered religions throughout history as well as to many contemporary pagans, it represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualized Mother Earth, and a sacred space.

Have a great Thursday.
Lots of <3,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Jeans ~I  made HERE, Rain; Pea coat and pink tee~ Target, Shoes ~Antonio Melani

  I made all my bracelets except
 the cross one. I bought that one  and my skull necklace
 from a awesome store called
 Lavish boutique in Ellijay, GA 
Pink Skull and rhinestone bracelet DIY HERE

I did a fun Polka Dot Jean, DIY  yesterday 
and this is how I wore them.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Lots of <3,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seeing Spots. Polka Dot Jeans, DIY

I know you have been seeing the ever growing trend of Polka dot jeans.
 I love the way they look, so I thought that I might try my hand at making a pair.
I LOVE how they turned out.
 Now I just have to refrain from putting dots on everything I have.


 Things you need

  1. Jeans
  2. Fabric paint* I used metallic silver
  3. Round cap or I used a candle* I always look for things around the house to use*
  4. Paper plate
  5. Small paint brush
 Pour the paint on to your plate and practice a few times on a paper towel with your candle.

Dip the end of your candle into the paint and the start dotting your jeans

work your way down one side,
And then the other.

I took a small brush and filled in the dots that needed some extra love.
You have to let the front side of your jeans dry completely before you do the back side,
 mine took about 8 hours to dry

All Dry?
Then repeat on the back side

let dry over night.
Wait 48 hours before you wash and hang dry.

And now you have your very own pair of polka dot pants.

Why did I pick these jeans to re-style? 
Because these jeans had a small wearing hole in them.
 I turned the jeans inside out put fabric glue on them,
 then turned them right side out covered the flaw  with a polka dot,
 and now you can't even see it.

Happy Tuesday.
Lots of <3,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rhinestone and Skull Bracelet, DIY

I know all of you have seen skull bracelets everywhere. 
I am no different than everyone else,
  I love them too.

Things You Need
  1. Pliers 
  2. Rhinestone chain
  3. 4 Jump rings~ 2 large, 2 small
  4. Findings
  5. Eye pin
  6. 2 Spacer beads
  7. Skull bead~ HERE
  8. Clasp

Take your eye pin, put on your spacer bead,
 then your skull, 
then another spacer bead .

With your pliers, cut off excess eye pin 
and make into a circle

measure and cut your Chain 5 3/4inches for one,
 and two pieces at 2 1/3inches
#4 Attach your  findings to each end of the rhinestones.

#5 Attach your rhinestone to your jump rings two large jump rings  to  the ends,
the small ones to the skull bead

 #6 Add your Clasp

Now wear it.
Have a beautiful night.
Lots of <3,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Asymmetrical Skull Earrings, DIY

I love the look of slightly different earrings, other wise know as Asymmetrical Earrings,
and I have seen them popping up all over the place.
 I am also so obsessed with skulls just like everyone else. 

Things you need.
  1. 2 Jump Rings 
  2. Skull bead. HERE
  3. Bracelet for beads* Michael's~ $3.99, I use the for lots of projects.
  4. Eye pin
  5. Rhinestone Chain and findings * Wa-lmart craft section
  6. Earring findings* Wal-mart, Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
  7. Pliers

Cut your rhinestone chain, 
One of them10 rhinestones lengths,
and the other 5 rhinestones lengths.

 Add your Rhinestone finding to the end of each length.

4 total

make your skull charm
Eyepin* eye part at the bottom* 
then a spacer bead ~from bracelet you cut up~, 
skull bead 
and another spacer bead.

with your pliers make a circle at the top of your eye pin.

slightly open up the bottom eye pin with your pliers.

Add your bead. 
( because I cut up a bracelet the beads are all ready to go.)
Open up your earring finding and attach your rhinestones.
* Make sure your rhinestones are facing the right way.

I made some in pink too.

Have a wonderful Friday
Lots of <3,