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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Love the trend of perforated accessories?.
 Why not make it yourself?
Change something you don't wear,
 into something you do.

You can recreate this look very easily with a leather hole punch.


Things You Need

  1. Belt
  2.  Leather hole punch~ Michaels
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil
Mark your pattern lightly with a pencil.

then punch your holes.

All finished.

Punch as many holes as you want.
Next, I might tackle a purse.
Have a Great Saturday.
Lots of <3,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Safety Pin Necklace, DIY

 I have seen a few different versions of the safety pin necklace and 
I have always wanted to make  one. 
Here is mine.
 Plus one with beads, just to change it up.

Things you need.
  1. Chain 
  2. Jump rings~ two large, one medium
  3. Clasp
  4. Large Safety Pin
  5. Small safety pins ~ I used 24 small ones.
  6.  Beads~I cut a bracelet apart and used the beads from that ~they were all ready fixed and ready to be to used.
 measure your chain

with pliers add the medium jump ring and the clasp to one end of the chain.
on the other end of chain add one of the large jump rings,
 then add that to one end of  the safety pin,
 Add the other large jump ring to the other end of the safety pin

 Open the safety pin and add your beads
 or your other small safety pins.

Check out this new filter on Picasa. I look a little like Twiggy,
except about 50 pounds heavier.~ so, no nothing like her.

I am in comic form. 
I hope your Thursday is spectacular.
Lots of <3,

Monday, March 26, 2012

White Jean Re-Style

Re-style last years white jeans into something new.
can help give your jeans a face lift and that little extra sparkle,
that makes them feel new again. This is  a quick and inexpensive way to update your jeans.
It is so easy and I have a few extra tips of my own to make it even easier.

Things you need.

  1. Plaid Iron on sequins
  2. White jeans
  3. Scissors
  4. Iron ~no water in the iron~ Dry heat.
  5. Hair straightener (optional)
 Measure and cut your sequins.

 Lay  your sequins out and "don't think I am crazy." but on hard to reach areas, 
I use my hair straightener to iron down the sequins.  
Will it ruin your one hundred dollar straightener?
 It hasn't ruined mine, but I am going to invest in a less expensive one
 just to use on craft projects, because it works so well. 
Not only do I use it for craft projects, My daughter taught me that you can iron little wrinkled places on shirts, scarves, ties, skirts with it.
If you don't have a hair straightener, then use your iron set to a dry setting.

 carefully iron your sequins.
 Follow the instructions Plaid gives you. 
 and before you know it your jeans are transformed.

I am so in love with these iron on sequins from Plaid. 
I can think of a million things that I want to do with them.
Have a wonderful Monday.
Lots of <3,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday with Sailor Sam. Cola Gets Sick.

  Monday, Sailor Sam and I tried a new Izze, Pomegranate. and it was YUM!!

 Tuesday, Sailor Sam had fun with his cauliflower.
"Playing with your food is not very good manners, Sailor Sam." I explained.
Tuesday Night, Sailor Sam and I worked on  some jewelry together.
 and then he watched me play Zombies.
"Oh No Anne, here they Come" he yelled.

 Wednesday, I introduced Sailor Sam to Sweet Leaf Tea and Gannyisms. 
Now he loves them too.

 Thursday, we shared some Mango Key lime pie.
 "So far, I think I like this Dessert the best." Sailor Sam Said.
It was pretty tasty.:)

 Thursday night, I found Sailor Sam Passed out from a very long and busy day and too much Sugar.
"Poor Sam."

 Friday, Sailor Sam confessed, "I am so  addicted to Instagram."
"That's all Right Sam," I told him, "So am I."

Friday night,
What would a week be without Sailor Sam Planking.?

 Saturday, we had to take an very early morning, unexpected trip to the Vet.
"Poor Cola," Sam Said
"She  has a bad ear infection."
Cola and Sam are Best Friends, so Sailor Sam was very worried.
 The Doctor gave Cola a shot, and some Antibiotics,
and  now Cola is on  her way to speedy recovery,
and feeling much better.

Saturday Night, while I was working on some posts, Sailor Sam fell fast asleep on my keyboard.
Another busy and wonderful week has passed.
Night, Night,
 Sailor Sam.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
Lots of <3,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Week in Pictures.




 And Grannyisms
Happy Saturday:)
I hope your week was as great as mine was!!
Lots of <3,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Shoe Fix, Chain Strap, DIY

Well, here we go again.
I had to save another  pair of heels from the trash can.
Broken Strap
These shoes first started out as a stand in for  a video I did, HERE.  
 I wasn't sure if I could save them. I have admired  different chain strap heels  for some time now,
and I  thought to myself "what do I have to loose, I can't wear them anyway,"
Messing them up wouldn't matter. 
New shoes were born.


Things you need

  1. Old Shoe :(
  2. Glue (Mod Podge)
  3. Glitter
  4. Brush
  5. Plate, For glue
  6. Chain(Michaels)
  7. Clasp (Michaels)
  8. Jump rings (Michaels)  two round ones ( not shown)~ two square ones
  9. Pliers
  10. Tape ~Painters tape 
  11. Leather hole punch~ not shown

Poor Shoe
Punch a hole

 add your square jump rings

Get your two round jump rings
Measure the length of chain you want.
This took me several tries to get it just right.
Lay your chain out
Make each chain just slightly longer.
Then add the chain to your round jump rings.

 connect your round jump rings to one side of your clasp

 Then connect that round jump rings to the inside of the shoe

  you want the clasp on the outside of your shoe

I tried my shoes on several times and adjusted the chain to my ankle.
Don't get frustrated, this part may take about an hour.

done with that?
Now lets make them sparkle

 Tape off
* Glue and Glitter Steps*
 Add glue,
then Glitter ~let dry~
more glue and glitter ~let dry~
than a coat of glue to seal it.

 Almost done
 Now I wanted a sliver stripe
Tape off and repeat the *glue, glitter steps* from above
When dry~ Brush excess glitter with a clean brush.
Peel off tape.

Hello New Shoes:)

So many options when  saving your shoes. 
"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
 Didn't Walt Disney say that?.
I love Walt Disney!
He is my all time Dreaming Icon!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Lots of <3,