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Saturday, June 28, 2014

One Shoulder, Double Tied, No Sew Tee Shirt: DIY.

What a tongue twister. I sat at my computer for a minute 
and tried to think of an easier caption but nothing fit.
I am forever trying to re-invent the plain old t-shirt.
 I have often said to myself "Why am I always trying to change a t-shirt.?"
I think the main reason is because a t-shirt is so accessible and everyone  has one. 
Another reason is because we lived on a very limited income when I was a young mother and  I was always trying to find ways to spiff up my plain wardrobe  super quick
 and  for as little money as possible.
So my obsession for t-shirt reconstruction was born.
Now here is one more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Easy Chevron Strapless Dress out of Two T-shirts.

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A Strapless dress made from tow T-shirts
Really easy and inexpensive.
Have a Fabulous Day!
Lots of <3.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Dress Challenge

Over the last month I have been contemplating wearing only dresses for the Summer. Why you ask?   Well one of the reasons is because I love dresses.  I loved the Era of the 40's and 50's when women wore mostly dresses, it made them stand out, they looked beautiful and feminine and confident. Not to mention dresses  are a whole lot cooler and a little easier to pick out  than trying to coordinate a whole outfit.  With that being said, I can not wear a dress to my job because I have to abide by a dress code, but any time I am not working  I am going to look into only wearing  dresses  or cute skirts and flirty blouses.  
     Now before you run off and spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, I am going to do a complete closet revamp, pulling out everything in it and re-evaluating my dress wardrobe.  Some of the dresses I have had for a long time and this is where my DIY Re-style will come in handy. Can I revamp some of my classics?  Well I guess you will have to find out over the course of the summer. If any of you want to join me in a "Summer Dress Challenge",  just follow me on Instagram and tag #WobiSobiDressChallenge.  I think it would be so much fun to see all of the beautiful dresses and get great ideas on how to revamp old ones. 

So here is the beginning of my summer dress wardrobe.. I am going to try very hard not to spend over $40 on one dress. Budget is the number one word in this challenge.  Everyone of the dresses I have in these pictures is $40 or under. Pleases do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that every once in a while you find that One dress you have to have and it just happens to be over $40, of course buy it,  but my challenge is  to try and be resourceful and stylish with out breaking the bank.  If you have old dresses or even thrift store dresses that you revamp that is even better.  So let's see what you've got and have a great time on this "Summer Dress Challenge".