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Monday, January 31, 2011


Well I had to wear  my new Denim Vest today so this is what I paired it with.   I can't wait until Spring  to put this  Denim vest with a cute skirt. I only had  crafts and Restyling today and of course the few errands. Dinner with my Birthday boy,( Not really a boy, but a hunky Man) Yay!! for Birthdays..because we get to have Cup Cakes. 
Vest I made HERE,  Shirt- Marshall's, Cords -Target

Bracelets I made HERE. Bag- Target

Charlotte Russe,   Charlotte Russe,   Dillards 

Cupcake Yum!! 
Happy Monday Night !!!

Project Re-Style #5

It is hard to believe it is week number 5, in the Project Re-Style challenge. I am having so much fun taking my old things and making them new again. How can you not like something for free? All the details at the end of the Post.  
Just click on the picture.

This week  I had my eye on a different project, but when I found that black belt for my Black Leather Belt  Bracelets.  I came across a White Denim Jacket, (maybe 8 or 9 years old), that I thought this would look great restyled in to  something for Spring.  I really love the way this turned out. The flowers are all different pins I made.  I just had to try to make some of the lovely flowers that are out there.  The best thing about this is  if you want to change up the look you can just take the flowers off.  Easy!   I am still debating if I should take off the bottom of the jacket and make it a cropped Denim Jacket, although the longer style looks good with my body type. We will just have to sit with this for a couple of days and see.


 Just carefully cut off the sleeves. No sewing required.

All the Different Flowers I used. 
Tutorials coming later.

 Wow! Ten minutes for a new Jacket, 
That excites me..!

5 down 47 to go

YAAY!  for Monday Restyle.
Every Monday I will be doing  a Re Style Project.
Have  a Super Day!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blue and Gray

Taking H to a school event, but before that we will be thrifting, Squeal with excitement, and visiting with two of my best friends, my Mom and my Grandmother. 
Super day Planned. 
Have a great Sunday Everyone.
 Dress -Adrianna Papell, Black Jeggings.
Sweater- Target, Belt- Express

                Nine West                                                 Charlotte Russe                                                                      Pesaro
Bracelet I Made HERE.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black Leather Belt Bracelets

I was looking in my sons closet for some old shirts and  my eyes got really big when I found a Black Braided belt G had when he was about 8, it kind of made me  feel  a little emotional.:(   Well, I decided to create a couple of bracelets out of them.  Now It has sentimental value on top of Re-Style value.:)
These are made just like the 
Brown Leather Cuff Bracelets, 
the  toutorial HERE. 

I was so needing a black bracelet too. 

 I took my hot glue gun and glued a little Black Satin  ribbon to the ends of the middle bracelet and pink velvet ribbon on the top bracelet, so the braid would not come apart.
 I weaved some pink velvet ribbon though the one bracelet so I could tie it.


Happy Saturday Night Everyone!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

15 Things

 Kate from See Kate Blog, Shared 15 things about herself and then tagged me to do the same. Then I get to tag 5 other people.  Sounds like fun to me.  I love to learn new things  about people.  
So here it goes.

1.  I play FPS ( first person shooters) on the computer with   my husband and their clan.(Yes I am the only girl in their clan.)  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is kind of like Blogging, except with Boys playing Call of Duty Black Ops and other games where you shoot, knife or toss grenades., and they don't share their feelings . LOL  
2.  I love Black fingernail polish, but I am not  into grunge.
3.  I love animals.
4.  I love my girlfriends,  but my best friends have always been guys.
5.  I love to get up early and drink a cup of coffee before anyone else gets up.
6.  Clothes have always made me happy as long as  I can remember.
7.  I love to bargain shop.
8.  I can't type that well.
9.  I can cut hair.
10. I have never done any kind of illegal  drug.
11. My Chemical Romance is my favorite band of today.
12  But no one can sing like Frank Sinatra, and hearing him makes my spine tingle.
13.  I Cry at sad movies, I even cry when they are not that sad.
14. I love to watch old Black and White movies with my Husband and our children.
15. I come from a pretty big Family. 2 girls and 2 boys and My parents are still married, so are all my bothers and sisters.

Well there I am in black and white.
Thank you Kate for asking me to participate.
You can  check out Kate's  Blog HERE.
I am going to tag these lovely bloggers, because I would love to learn more about them.

Vintage Black.

I don't know, call me crazy, but  I love the days when you get dressed and don't really have to go anywhere, just run a few errands here and there.  I also love thinking about what's coming  next on my blog,  my wheels always turning, and having this wonderful Vintage Black purse to boot .  It is going with me today, wherever I might wonder.  
Happy First day of the weekend Everyone.
Shirt-Express, Sweater and Jeans-Target, Tie- Walmart

Belt -Target

Coat I thought that was from Forever 21, but nope-- it's from Target

   Bag- Vintage,   Gloves- Dillard's, Present from Hubby:)
              Nine West                                               Charlotte Russe                                                        Franco Sarto

Knotty Necklace.

Ok I think I have played with this enough.  I sat down this morning and grabbed my New Pink 5 minute Scarf  tied a few random knots in it and turned it into this.

 To This.

 To This.
All with an old T-Shirt.
I think I will make this my Valentine's Necklace.:)
Happy Friday Everyone.!

Trina Turk 2011 Spring- Summer Look Book.

I was strangely attracted to this Look Book from Trina Turk for Spring and Summer.  The Colors the Clothes.  I don't usually like late 60's or 70's fashion but this looks so Swag..( a new word I just learned)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 Words on Life

I feel like in the last 2 months I have lived a life time.  I have experienced every emotion that I believe can be possible, from deep Sadness to Extreme and Pure Joy.  That is why I was so excited when Jenna of Lust, Love, Lose asked me and some other Blogger's to take part in 100 Words on Life.  Check out the her first Post HERE.   It is a great way to connect with others,  and to know that all of us are searching for same thing,  complete and total acceptance and Love.  Without Love we are Lost.  I Believe the greatest thing is the ability to love our(unique) selves, warts and all and to accept love from others. 

Blogs are kind of like Style.   Everyone has there own , and each one is unique and different.  I thank God   for the ability to view all the wonderfulness  I see each day in life and on different blogs.   All beautiful, all one of a kind, always uplifting, Always Positive.  
So Here are my
100 words on Life.

As Long as I have Lip Gloss, I can go Anywhere.
No Matter how Bad it Seems, it Could Always be Worse.
A Great Pair of Shoes can Almost make Every Woman Smile.
If you Always Tell the Truth, you will Never Have to Lie. 
Class is something that you Have, not your Social Status.
Treat People the way You want to be Treated. 
Press Your Clothes, Lazy Never Looks Good.
Never take Yourself too Seriously. 
No one Likes a Debbie Downer.
Dress for You.
Be Nice.
And A Smile is the Best Accessory.