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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Light Gray.

Here is another Calvin Klein Dress I got for a steal at Marshall's for $39.00.   This dress has just the right amount of  Lycra in it, so it fits and moves in all the right places.  Thanks Mr. Klein for making such a great dress!!

 Necklace Surprise

Tahari- Marshall's ,    Thrift shoes- Bakers $9.99,    Jessica Simpson

Sweater I Added Fur to,  Vintage 1950's Purse
Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. I love this whole ensemble! Very Jackie Kennedy (before O, ya know!). I would probably wear the black shoes to stay with the early 60s vibe, red to add the modern shoe-as-pop-of-color look. I think your hubby needs to get his photog on because you're featuring so many gorgeous outfits and we need to see you in them. NEED.

    Hope you can join the Flashion Mob on Thursday!Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. very lovely! and i love that you have a mannequin! so cool!!


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