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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Denim Style.

  I had a great question about how a guy should wear a Jean Jacket.  What is so GREAT about style, is that you can  make it  your own.  Some rules do apply,  but for the most part your style is your style. 

So here is the Question.:   
Blog about Jean Jackets and different way to wear them. I'm confused, can I put different washes together? Is  jean on jean okay? 

The Rules for Jean Jacket are simple, pretty much anything goes as long as it fits you.  You don't want to look like it is a hand me down, swallowing you up  and you don't want to look like a stuffed  sausage.  A nice fitting  Jean Jacket looks good with anything, jean on jean and jean with dress pants.  PERFECT.!  Pair a jean jacket with a great tee or a dressy shirt WONDERFUL.  That is what is so great about style, it is yours and you can change it anytime you want. 

Thanks for the great question!

Let us start with a big Don't!
 Pimp and Denim, A Big No No!!!

Now, Let us go to all the Do's.

Black & Denim, looking good Zac.
Usher and denim. Fedora and handkerchief in the pocket.. Super classy.
Jean With Jean Superb!
Jean with Khakis Wonderful!





Plaid & Denim, Urban Chic!

Black & Denim again, Nicely done David!
Dark with light denim.

Pete and a Bow Tie of course!
This is one of my Favorites.

I love Questions!!

  I hope this Helps.

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