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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The WOW! It Saved Me, Breakfast Sandwich.

Lets just say the last 5 days have been something to be desired . Between regular, everyday, wonderful life, (I am  not being sarcastic,  Life is Pretty freaking wonderful.)   The Third relapse, of the same sickness, for H (including a trip the the emergency room), Kitty going to Kitty heaven, G Sick, kids wanting to eat, (All  of the time ) A Fever Blister,(Thank God for medicine)  and Final Exams. Who am I kidding! Ok, it has been a Crazy  4 weeks.  I have discovered the best quick, yummy, breakfast sandwich ever.  See,  good things do come out of crazy times. What was that little saying that I always hear in the back of my brain. "Necessity is the mother of invention."  Well that is what this was a necessity sandwich.  Quick, pretty healthy, yummy breakfast treat.

New Bagel Thins, My Kids Love them!

Toast them up, and while that is happening,

Fry up your ham.

Add your Cheese, I leave it on for about 1 minute, or until it melts.

Toss it on your Toasted, oh so Yummy, Bagel

OH MY ! A Quick Hot and Morning Meal in under five minutes.

Add some OJ.  "Come and Get it !"

If you don't do meat, slice a tomato, heat that up, throw some cheese on top  and that's yummy too.

Ok you guys, will have to excuse me.   I have to go put my boxing gloves on for round 3, of the Big Fight  with H 's Germ. That dirty Little Guy  just seems to keep getting up off the mat, but this time, because I ate my yummy sandwich,  Mr. Germ is going DOWN!!!!


  1. I don't eat ham, but I do eat poultry so I was thinking turkey. The tomato idea sounds good. I skipped dinner (unless you count a nut bar), so I'm starving. I need to check out these bagel thins. Regular bagels are so thick and carby and don't fit standard toasters well.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. Hope that is Florida's Natural OJ!!

  3. You know it!! Is there any other kind..?

  4. mmmm i'll take one for breakfast please! :)


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