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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful Finds!

I just wanted to make a quick post of the wonderful stuff  S and I found last weekend, in this amazing Vintage Thrift Shop.  I walked into this place and it took my breath away.  There was so much to look at from 1950's Vintage  Mink Coats, Purses, Shoes,  and Jewelry that my head was spinning. Here are a few things that Me and My Sister couldn't do without. I am really hopeful that maybe, just maybe, a Mink Coat will be in my  near future,  as great Birthday or Christmas present. 
Fingers crossed!  

This is S.
S  found this great Woman's Army Field Jacket $29.00

1950's Vintage Leather Bag.  Sigh!

It was in really good shape,  just a few pin marks.

The Hardware

The Lines  of the Bag are Perfect.   They don't make bags like this anymore $24.99.

Banana Republic- Leather Bag.   I love the shape of this one too.

A Vintage Lizard Bag


Patent Leather Pumps  $9.99. Maybe they were  worn once, if that.

A Beautiful Blue and Yellow Wool Scarf with the tags still on $8.99

All in all It was a fantastic day, I was able to spend it looking at beautiful Vintage clothes, with my Sister.

See you tomorrow. 
Sleep Tight!


  1. I love that first bag! That's awesome that you found those shoes in your size!

  2. i like the vintage lizard bag! :-)



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