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Monday, February 28, 2011

Handwriting Fun.

Here is something fun that Jen From the Awesome blog~ 
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again, 
tagged me to do.

It's pretty simple. Just fill out your information--with your handwriting! 
I love  looking at peoples Handwriting.

1. Name/Blog Title
2. Blog URL
3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?

6. Favorite band/artist?

7. Anything else?

8. Tag Three Awesome bloggers.

1. Jennifer @ Peas And Crayons
2. Kat @ See Kate Blog

Orange and Gray

I hope everyone's Monday is going like clock work. 
I decided to wear my New Re-Styled Skirt today. 
Yay!! for Re-Styled clothes.  
I really like Orange and Gray together, in fact Gray is a good neutral , that goes with almost any bright color.  I love to wear Bright colors, but I do not want too much bright.  I also think flats  would look nice with this skirt, as well as with heels.  I am really starting to love full girly skirts.  Ten years ago, no way!   I guess I am getting soft in my old age..
 Sweater~ Gap
Tanks ~Target

I hope Everyone has a Wonderful Monday Night!

Project Re-Style #9

Happy Monday Everyone!
We are on Week number 9 of our Project Re-Style Challenge.  If you are joining my Blog for the first time, I am doing A Restyle of something old or that doesn't fit, every week for one year.   Monday is  my Re-Style day!  That's right, 52 weeks of Re-Styling. ~ I am starting to LOVE Mondays~
Sound fun ?  All the details will be at the end of this post.

This weeks Re-Style is  a skirt that I have had about a year.  It was really long and really big, (4 inches too big). So instead of it  just sitting in my closet or me giving it away, I decided to make it shorter and tighter.
It is such a great Spring color, and now it is full and bouncy and fun. 
I  can't wait to wear it.
So here is my tutorial and please bear with me,
tutorials are hard to do sometimes.

Here is what I did.

 I turned it inside out.
 I ripped out the slip and zipper.
 I made the slip smaller to fit me, and  reattached the zipper to the slip, so  I could use it under my new skirt.

 I took the skirt and cut it to the length that I wanted.
Then with the material I cut off, I  folded that in half and made a tube for the elastic band, i left an  opening to thread the elastic through.   I measured my waist and cut a piece of elastic to fit me, and threaded it through the opening.  Then I stitched the elastic together, and closed  the opening with an invisible stitch.

 I turned my skirt inside out , Placed the band on the inside of the skirt and pinned it to the skirt.
~ gathering the material to make it match up. 
Then  I sewed the band to the skirt.

  This is how short I made the skirt, and the pink skirt is how the top of the skirt  looked before.

And we are all done!
9 down 43 to Go
Click the Picture above for all the details.

Thank you for joining me for this weeks Re-Style.
I Hope I see you next week for number 10.
Have a super Great Monday Everyone! 
Go Out and Re-Style Something.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What I Saw This Weekend.

 I guess I am feeling the Springy, Flower vibe, especially with all the beautiful flowers and tress I came across over the weekend.   I  just felt like these Flowers and Trees needed to be seen by someone other than just me. 
There is nothing like a beautiful garden to make you feel amazing and warm.   Oh, and  my Little adventure was with my Mom and Grandmother, two of my Most Favorite People in the world.   
Here are some of the beautiful sights  that we saw, and a few I saw  when I got back to my humble abode. 
All of the Garden shots are from a  Garden, in the city where my parent's live.  
They are so Lucky to have such a place.

 These Trees are right down the street from my Parent's house

 H's Beautiful Fish tale braid that I just learned how to do, thanks to Linley, from the ever so cute Blog 
And H's extremely cool, New, Hand me down, Purple Shoes From her Aunt S.  I might have to borrow  these.
Did You See Anything Beautiful This Weekend?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Kristen!

I just wanted to  Post a Very Big Happy Birthday To Kristen!!
She has been so Supportive in my Blogging Adventure and I greatly appreciate all of the wonderful encouragement and the Faith she has in me. 
So Have a Wonderful Birthday Kristen! 
You know who I am talking about.  
Your a wonderful Mother, Wife and Friend !!!
Much Love!! 


Don't you want to go there?
I DO!!!

Are you Ready to Dye Eggs?
I Am
Do you want to be a Pretty Princess ?
I Do!
Do you want to have a Picnic HERE ?
I Do!
And Do I want to be her for ONE Second?

Yes I do!
Happy Saturday Everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Green and Purple

Today's Clothes post was  taken super quick, but I wanted to post it 
because I love theses two colors together.
I am headed off to work tonight, so I hope all of you have a great Friday night. 
And thank you all for your sweet comments on my post the last few days.  It is so nice to see that people like what you create.. 
I am truly grateful. 
Hugs to you all!!
Top and Tank~ Target, Pants~ Charlotte Russe, Belt~ Express
Sorry so fuzzy:(
Earrings I made

Shoes~ Charlotte Russe