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Monday, May 30, 2011

Project Re-Style #22 Scalloped Shorts

Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to Project Re-Style #22. 
I hope you are all having  a wonderful, Holiday weekend. My Schedule for the next two weeks is going to be  a little crazy, because I am working a little more at my second job,  plus, my precious daughter, is about to Graduate from High school.
:) and :(  at the same time.
Wow! where does the time go.?
If you are just joining me on my project Re-Style journey  then, WELCOME,!  I am doing one re-style project every Monday for 52 weeks,  that's right, one solid year of Re-Styling . This is week 22, which means I have 22, new pieces, added to my wardrobe, for free 
All of the details for project Re-style, will be at the end of this post.
This week's restyle was inspired by a late night,  no sleeping, search fest, on the internet, and my daughter and I talking about how great the 1940's clothes were.

Scalloped Shorts.


 This was a really, really easy DYI.  I think the hardest thing was deciding how short I wanted them to be.  
You don't want them too long, or they look funny, and too short,~ well hoochee mama is not for me.. You could also do  this with a pair of old jeans.

Things you need
1. Pair of pants or capri's that you don't want anymore.
2. Scissors
3. Drinking Glass 
4. Chalk or Marker 

  Try on your pants and Measure how short you want them. Mark with chalk, Now Fold your pants in half smooth them out and cut a straight line where you measured.

Take your glass and trace it along the bottom of your pants, then cut out carefully. You could stitch a round the edge with a sewing machine  using  a decorative stitch,which is what I think I am going to do, or you could leave as is, depending on the material of your pants.
And ......

Just a few ways I might style these.:) I couldn't help myself, I had to do it.

 now, you are done, and you have a new pair of dressier shorts for summer.
I just wanted to thank everyone for all your well wishes. I truly appreciate each one of you, and all your wonderful comments. Thank you, for always being so supportive and kind. I haven't had a chance to respond your your emails, but I will,  I promise.

 22 down 30 to go.
Have a wonderful Monday off everyone!!   
I can not believe it is Summer time! 
I love having my children home for summer.
Yay!!! Summer!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seeing Spots.

Good morning, to all of you wonderful people.!
I am just going to do a really quick clothes post for Sunday.
 My Sunday will consist of  completely relaxing and maybe a good barbecue.  
I hope  all of you have a tranquil, and uplifting day.
And I love polka dots don't you?

 My Thought and prayers are going out to all of the men and women, Past, Present, and Future, who put their life on the line for me/us, everyday so that we can live with the precious freedom that we have.
My words could never be enough, but I
Thank you!!

Thank you !!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Kaitlion

As promised, I wanted to  write up a quick tutorial of the necklace that I have been sneaking in my last couple of post.  Easy DIY for you to make, and change up however you want..


Things you need.
Plus these pliers

1. Measure your neck, add 8 inches, Cut leather string,
2. Add your jump rings where you measured your neck.
 I tied my string like a noose around the jump ring, or a slip knot.   You will have string left over, but you can put beads on them.

I just did a quick picture collage of how I made the base of the necklace. I hope it is self explanatory.
If not, just email me.

Have a wonderful Saturday!
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Out of Africa

Minor computer problems kept me off blogger all day yesterday.  But everything seems back to normal  now, and that make me very happy.  I hope you all have had a great week and now that it is Friday, I hope you have  a wonderful  Memorial Holiday weekend! 
When the movie out of Africa came out, in 1985, I was a junior in high school. (Wait ,what I really  mean is, I was 10 years old).  Please do not do the math.
I loved everything about this movie, especially the costumes. I had the laced up boots, the long skirts.  I had the 1920's vibe down to a tee.  
I am doing two outfits to make up for yesterday
These clothes just feel like I should be wearing them on Safari.

 The Tricia Necklace I made  HERE
The other necklace DIY is coming soon
 Earring and clutch~I made  (Clutch HERE)
Bracelets~ Charlotte Russe
 Different tank colors and accessories

Hopefully, I will be back on track tonight.  
Have a wonderful Friday. 

DIY's are coming.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekly Inspiration.

I was in dire need for some weekly inspiration.  
What inspires you? 

 Beautiful Face Art

 Beautiful Cup Cakes.

I found these Amazing Cup Cakes, on the ever so cute Blog,
Manni bakes these beautiful creations, and all I can say is WOW!

Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Dresses

Beautiful Boho

Beautiful Men is suits
Tom Ford
Leonardo Dicaprio

and of course Daniel Craig as Bond.
They don't dress like this anymore.

Beautiful Pin up  Paintings

Beautiful Timeless Style
The Kelly Bag

Beautiful Summer Shoes

 Prada Shoes

Beautiful Office Inspiration
Deco Pad

 and of course the
The  Beautiful Beach
I can not wait to go here this summer!!
There is so much in life that inspires me.
All I need to do is find it.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!