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Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Re-Style #19

Happy Monday Everyone!  
I hope your Sunday and Mothers day 
was as wonderful as mine was.
Today marks 19 weeks into my Project Re-style challenge, and for me, the weeks are flying by.  I had a totally different project in store for this week, but I changed my mind at the last minute. I am Re-styling a sweater that is too big, and has never fit me quite right, but I love the color.
All the details about Project Re-Style will be at the end of this post. And as always if you have any questions please email me. 

Things you need
1.Old sweater
2. Cord or ribbon about 2 yards
3. Large safety pin
4. If you want to do the detail on the shoulder, I used about 6 feet  of one inch wide ribbon, and about 2 feet of 1/4 inch wide ribbon.
5. Sewing Machine
6.Thread to match
7. Scissors

Gather up the cord

That is all there is to it!  
A super easy sweater shrug!

19 down 33 to go
All the details HERE
 Have a wonderful Day Everyone!
Go Re-Style something.

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  1. The ribbon def has that feathery feel to it with the little pieces coming out! I heart it! This would be fun to wear AND to wrap a gift with! 2-for! =)


  2. That is SO COOL!!!! I love that! The ribbon looks so fun.

  3. Beautiful....love it!

  4. ın turkish ; kurdela( in english ribbon , ı think)
    ı like it. ı will try to do it. very beautiful..

  5. I loooooove it!! So creative! You're right, this is a fantastic color! Congrats dear!

  6. Seriously, where do you get your ideas from!?!? AMAZING. I would buy this for sure if I saw it in a shop :) Love the ribbons too, they would be nice on a blazer also.

    Sadie x

  7. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK ANNE :) Loooooooooooove it

  8. Love the sweater turned shrug! What a great idea!

  9. Love all your shrugs! This one is so pretty too! :)

  10. This sweater looks great!! I'll have to try it with a couple I have that aren't that flattering. Thanks :)

  11. OMG,I can't wait to try this and I know most the ladies in my family will want one also.

  12. I have a bag of old sweaters that just don't fit well anymore that I was going to give to goodwill, but I think a few of them will be brought back to life! Thanks for such a cute idea!!

  13. Do you have to worry about the sweater unraveling? Or does the seam take care of that?

  14. can u make a video for this plz? I culdnt understand most of the cutting part

  15. Looks easy... will try it for sure..


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