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Monday, May 16, 2011

Re-Style, Recap 11-19

Once again it is time for a recap of my last 9 Re-style's, which will lead us up to Re-Style Number 20.  Can you believe it is number 20, I cannot!! 
I have Re-Style number 20 waiting in the wings and will post it later tonight, 
but for now lets take a stroll though Re-Style memory Lane~ 11-19, shall we.? 
Click on the number, if you would like to see how they were created.


OK, there is your quick Recap.

See you tonight for the Big 2-0!

I am so excited!!


  1. Love 12 and 15, I want a clutch like yours, I really have to get one.

  2. Love them :D



  3. EEK I cant wait for number 20 can you plleeeeeeeeease save my sanity and post it now :) Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


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