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Sunday, May 31, 2015

No-Sew Multi-way, Summer Tank: DIY

This No Sew tank is similar to a couple of other no-sew tanks I have done in the past, but  is designed and cut differently and because I am completely obsessed with palm leaves right now I experimented with a positive and negative design  which creates a shadow effect.  I am thinking my next project will be palm leaves in different bright colors like Hot Pink or Neon Blue.(80'sStyle)  I seriously LOVE this new fabric Color Shot spray by Tulip.  It has cut my time making stencil design T-shirt in Half and with the limited time I have that is a super big plus for me.
This shirt has already found a new home 
as one of my dear friends said she would love to have it 
for her beach trip in July, so  bye bye shirt.
 Oh well I guess I will just have to make another one ;) .

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Homemade Stencil 101

I have had a lot of emails asking How to make  your own Homemade Stencils, which is something I always do. It is quick and easy and pretty inexpensive. "Winner!"
Here is my method of making stencils that I want to last more than just one time.

Things you need
Clear Contact Paper *Target or Wal-mart.
Printed out picture
X-axto Knife
Cutting board
#1 Print out your picture
#2 Cut your contact paper double the size of your paper.
#3 Peel off the contact backing
#4 Place the paper on  the contact paper.
#5 Fold over the other side of the paper.
#6 Trim the edges
#7  Place on a Cutting board and with the X-acto knife cut out your stencil.
#8 All Finished.

Have a great day!
Lots of <3,

Sunday, May 24, 2015

No Sew, Palm Leaf Halter, DIY

Need a quick halter for a summer party, the that unexpected beach trip, 
Here is a easy DIY for you.
 I Love To Create has my latest DIY T-shirt tutorial.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

And Thank you to all the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.
Thank you so much for your Sacrifice and your Service.
Lots of <3,

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Necklace Tee Shirt, DIY

When I saw  this shirt on Pinterest HERE
 I knew I wanted to try and recreate it out of a t-shirt.
The shirt below, of course, is a sleeveless shirt and is blue,
 all I really just wanted to do is the necklace detail across the top.
This DIY almost took a turn for the worst when I cut one too many strips
and  thought I would have to scrap it.
In the end the shirt worked out pretty much like I wanted it to, maybe even better,
just a little different from the picture below.
The best part of making things yourself is that you can tweak them to fit you.
The top picture of me is the first one I created  and is a little lower than I had expected but with a tank top under it worked out great. I wore this shirt all day and it stayed in place and wore well.
I did one more with not as many strips and it sits just slightly different on the body.
I will put that picture at the end of the post.
So grab you scissors and lets make a fun summer Tee!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Canvas Art, DIY

Make this Canvas art in no time.
This is the  perfect gift to someone you love or
a great way to make easy, inexpensive art for your home.
Full tutorial of how I made these cute little pieces of ART is my latest post for
Have a Beautiful Day.
Lots of <3

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Anchor,Tie-Up Shirt. DIY

 Tied up shirts . *New trend for summer?
 I thought it would be fun to make one with sleeves
  or an off the shoulder look because I am not a fan of sleeveless things on me. Just Sayin. :/
This was one of my inspirations
To find out how she made this cute little creation,