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Sunday, May 31, 2015

No-Sew Multi-way, Summer Tank: DIY

This No Sew tank is similar to a couple of other no-sew tanks I have done in the past, but  is designed and cut differently and because I am completely obsessed with palm leaves right now I experimented with a positive and negative design  which creates a shadow effect.  I am thinking my next project will be palm leaves in different bright colors like Hot Pink or Neon Blue.(80'sStyle)  I seriously LOVE this new fabric Color Shot spray by Tulip.  It has cut my time making stencil design T-shirt in Half and with the limited time I have that is a super big plus for me.
This shirt has already found a new home 
as one of my dear friends said she would love to have it 
for her beach trip in July, so  bye bye shirt.
 Oh well I guess I will just have to make another one ;) .

Things you need.
T-shirt *this one is a XL Hanes Comfort Blend

First things first, lets cut up our shirt into the shape.
Using a piece of chalk or a pencil trace this patten
front and back

Cut on your lines.

Now you just tie the front and the back together.
Super easy right?

I make a lot of the stencils that I use for my projects,
mostly because I never can find exactly what I am looking for.
 I did a quick tutorial on how I do that 
On this project I used both the positive and the negative stencil to give it a little shadow effect.
Tulip Color Shot instant Fabric paint has seriously made my DIY life so much easier.

I first placed the negative stencil down and 
I used the white Color Shot paint and sprayed around the stencil. 
I did that all over the shirt.
Let that dry completely about an hour.
*Tape some paper around my positive stencil to block the over spray. 
 *Spray the  Color Shot Green then go back with the Neon green
 in the middle of your leaf to give it a little 3D effect.
 *Repeat that until you get the look you desire.

Let dry completely.
Then wear.
To wash this you should let your paint set up at least 24 hours.
 Wash in cold water hang dry

This is a muli-way tank because you can tie this up and create so many different looks.
Here are just a few ways I have done it.

The Regular Tank
The Criss-Cross
The Front and Back Tie

How many looks can you create?
I did a  similar tank for I Love To Create not to long ago.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

I am now off to visit my family who are here for my handsome Nephew's Graduation.
Congratulation Ethan we are so very proud of you!
Lots of <3,


  1. I can't wait to try this. I wish you were my neighbor so you could help me... hahaha

  2. Love your site and fun tshirt remakes! Just tried this and am wishing I had used one size smaller shirt. However the cross styles still work great.
    The lace bras you have for under your other styles are beautiful, what would you wear under one of these cross styles?
    Looking forward to trying more of your remakes.

    1. Thank you so much Wendy.
      I would wear a Bandeau bra or a strapless bra or a cute lace bralette.
      Yes trying to find the size that works is sometimes tricky but once you figure that out all of your other DIY's will be easy. Have a beautiful day.

  3. How do you do the front-and-back tie? I'm not getting it!
    This is adorable, btw -- as are all your tee hacks!

    1. Hey Rebecca, maybe the best way yo explain will be pictures give me a day and I will show you. :)

    2. I'm interested in this as well, not sure how the last tie works

  4. Love your t's...I am going to make a few of them next week. You used a L for one and an XL for another. What size are you in a normal womens size? This will help me decide what size shirt to get. I am normally a small or 2. Buying a L or XL seems too big, but I understand the tying of things may make it suitable to buy larger than normal...

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hey Leslie Thank you so much <3 I am a small or a medium in women's sizes. A medium mens works pretty good for most of these DIY' a large gives a little extra wiggle room i would use a men's medium to start with then see from there. I hope this helps.

  5. I will definitely be doing this one as well!! Thank you!!


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