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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Anchor,Tie-Up Shirt. DIY

 Tied up shirts . *New trend for summer?
 I thought it would be fun to make one with sleeves
  or an off the shoulder look because I am not a fan of sleeveless things on me. Just Sayin. :/
This was one of my inspirations
To find out how she made this cute little creation,

Things you need

 Shirt this in a Large Mens comfort blend Hanes
*For the Anchor part you will need.
Wax paper
Stencil* I made mine.
X-acto knife
I marked nine inches from the bottom, 
but you can measure what would fit you best
Mark in 5 inches in from each side.
 Mark down to a point.
Cut up the middle of your point.

Cut the front first,

  flip up the points and cut the back.

If you want a plain tied up t-shirt then you are all done.
But if you want to put an Anchor on it then keep going.

Draw or print out an Anchor from the internet.
Cut it out using your x-acto knife

 Tape the stencil to your shirt.

Paint your stencil with your glue
Sprinkle with your glitter.
Let your shirt sit for about 10 minutes then remove your stencil
 Let sit for another 2 hours  then shake off extra glitter.
  You want more glitter?  
Do the glue- glitter step one more time. I did the  glue and glitter step twice.
Let dry over night. Shake off the extra glitter and your are done. 
You could put one more final glue step to seal the glitter, but that is optional.
 I always seal my glitter.
Once completely dry you can wash in cold water and hang dry.

I hope you have a beautiful Saturday.
Lots of <3,

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