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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feather Necklace

Well ~I had a few left over feathers from the feather 
purse I did, for a guest blog at  
Social Salutations HERE. (Love her Blog)
Which I will re- post here later today.  I was going to do a small feather clutch but....I made this instead.. With the help of a gifted necklace, I received from E, at our Weekly D and D meeting. I just combined her necklace with the one that I made,  because mine looked a little plain to me. It needed that extra ummm "Je ne sais quois".   I love how it turned out..
I guess I am feather obsessed....

 It was not hard at all.  
Of course we discussed  lots 
of important things HERE first.
The Fab 3, Plus H who so wonderfully joined in, making it the Fab 4. 
Plus me..:)
 I received this Bag full of goodies from E.
Inside all of that was a whole big bag of jewelry. OMG it was like my birthday, Thank you so much E.
One of the necklaces she gave me, I used in this project.
lets go make it!

Things You Need

2. Some Felt or Leather.
3.Cord or Ribbon about 30 inches
4. Hot Glue Gun

 First cut out two shapes that look like this. I used a plastic lid.

Place one of the pieces that you cut out down. Cut the cord you have in half , making them approximately 15 inches each. Place some hot glue in the top corners and add your cord to both sides. Like in the picture above.

 I placed my feathers down in the number order, like in the picture above.

 Then on the other half moon piece, I cut out a shape to look like this pink one.

I trimmed all the feathers at the top so they would not stick out.

 Then I  hot glued the pink piece on top of the feathers, to hid the quills and the cords.
 Now, you could be all done here,  and it looked like this.
But I saw this..

I tied the feather necklace, I  just made, to it and wrapped the cord around the leather then tied it at the other end.

to get this.

All done!
I hope you all have a Wonderful Day. 
Thursday already, 
Which means tomorrow is ~Yay!! Friday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teal Blue and White

I am off and running today, and will not be returning  until late. Wearing comfy and casual, and getting geared up to having my weekly meeting at D and D, discussing up and coming projects for the blog.  My fab 3 ( Mom, Grandmother and E, ) always  help me come up with the best ideas. 
Wearing white again.;) Love it with teal blue.  I guess that is my favorite color combo for Spring and Summer.. It Makes me think of the sky, and the Ocean~ ahh the Ocean, I can not wait to visit her this summer.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

 T-Shirt and Jeans ~Target
I distressed the jeans myself
Denim Jacket~ Express 
Shoes Franco Sarto.
 Necklace a gift from Mom:)
distressed denim, so easy,
I might have to do a tutorial on that someday.

Wednesday and Food

I am doing another ~What I ate Wednesday~ Post and Linking it up to the Always, Awesome Site,
 Peas and Crayons HERE. 
Jenn is a nutritionist and always has wonderful, healthy, yummy recipes. 
She inspires me to eat better. 
 I will have to warn you ~Linking up to it always makes me hungry .
Nom nom.!
Every Wednesday she has a link party that links up what you ate for a  day.  Pretty neat because it really makes me think about what I eat.
 Here is a peek into what I ate one day. 
And as Jenn Says,
" You Are What you Eat so Eat Pretty."

Breakfast~ Coffee and a Apple and Banana
Lunch ~ Ham and Cheese Bagel Sandwich, Salad 
Snack~ Everything Bagle -Blueberries
Dinner~ Feta and Basil Pizza w/ a little Bacon :)
Greek Yogurt with Honey
Mint tea

oh yeah almost forgot!

some of these
Sometimes, I have to have a sugar FIX.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are tricky! If you get one too tight you look like a stuffed sausage, if it is too big, it does not do what it is suppose to do, which is  show off the great curves god gave you.  So, I would have to say getting the right fit, even if you have to get it slightly altered, is the key.  Now I am no skinny mini. My weight is WAY above 120 pounds, but I have noticed that the Pencil skirt hides way more than I thought. ~ And there are always spanx~ although they make me so hot I can never wear them. I put them on and take them right back off again, LOL.  If  your stomach is not your best asset then wear a longer white shirt with a belt, that  always looks good.  Think Kim Kardashian, Beautiful curves, and she rocks them..

Now, I did this look with 3 different shoes,  just to see which one I thought looked best. 
I know which one I like.
Do you think one of these shoes looks better?
Do Tell.

 When I wear a shirt with a lot going on around the neck, I don't wear necklaces.~ Just my preference.

But I will wear this..

And These
 Silk Shirt ~ Target
Skirt ~Target.

Have a Great Tuesday Night!!

Red Placemat Clutch

Morning Everyone!
I hope everyone's Monday was stupendous. We Had the best Rain All day , I haven't seen rain like that since the last tropical depression went through.  LOVED IT!!
We Also had the most Perfect night because it was spent with family that we have not seen in a year.  I just wish they or we lived closer. :( Praying for them to have a safe trip home.
I made this purse about 3 weeks ago as a trial after my first Placemat Clutch.  It is made from a round straw like Placemat, and  the texture is why I grabbed the thing for a $ 1.50 .  I must have really looked strange when I picked it up and stood there with it in my hand, folding it, squeezing it into the shape I wanted.  I literally  stood there for like 10 minutes, contemplating  and playing with this placemat before I put it under my arm to take it with me. "Come on placemat, you look like a purse to me." LOL

It is made just like my Green Placemat and I will put the link on how I made that one, right after the pictures.   Super easy.!  If you need a quick easy summer clutch for practically nothing, this is the way to go.. I Love the feel of this one~ it  feels very.... summer.
 Tassel Tutorial HERE  
you can make those too, Super easy..

Clothes post later today,
if all  goes well.
Have a Super Tuesday!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Re-Style #13

Welcome Everyone,to Project Re-Style # 13!
Yay! for Monday, and Yay! I made it to Week #13.  If you are just now joining in to my blog I am doing 52 weeks of Re-Styling something in my closet.  I do a Restyle Project  every Monday, along with some other Re-Styles during the week. But Monday is my favorite day.  I will put all the details about Project Re-Style at the end of this post.
Ok let's get started.
I had a White tank , I wanted to make it a little more dressy.
Re-Styled White Tank.
Things you Need.
1. Tank top
2. I cut up a Sweater for the ruffles, But any Light material maybe even T-Shirt material.
3. Scissors
4. Sewing Machine
5 Beads~ I bought a pack for $2.00 at Wal-mart.
6. Needle and thread the same color as the top.

 I  started in the middle and placing Large  moons, to small moons.

 the beads kind of gave it that little extra sparkle I was looking for..
And that is it!..

 This project took me about an hour 1/2 to do total.  About  a 1/2 hour to do the beads.  You could change this up however you want.  
The  Sky's the limit when it comes to designing. 
Just click on the picture to get all the details about project Re-style. 

13 down 39 to go.
I hope Everyone's Monday is Fabulous!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

And The Winner Is.........

I never thought that doing this would make me so nervous.. But I was SOOOOO nervous, I made H pull the name out..  
AHHHHHHHH!  I had to eat a couple of Heath Bars just to calm myself down.

Giveaway Tutorial.
Ok~ So I  folded up everyone's name and  put them in my basket.

Then I Made H pick one out.

And then the winner appeared.

 Meredith Heard  Of  
YAYYYYYY!!!! Congratulations Meredith..
You Won 
Thank you all for joining in, I think I will try and do a ~Thank you Giveaway~
every month or so. Maybe next  time I will giveaway  something that I make  or who knows what I am able to get my hands on in the future.
Speaking Of Giveaways
Jen from the most incredible Blog 
Is doing a Giveaway with a Phone Case that I made. You all should head over there and join in!  
While your there, Check out her amazing Blog.
She is A
Food Diva!!
Making the most incredible, nutritious meals, awesome crafts and telling the best stories about her Pet Ferrets~ Bully and Roxy. 
I <3 Her.
Now what are you waiting for, it is super easy, just click on the words Peas and Crayons or Giveway and you will magically warp over to her blog. 
Have a Fantastic Night.