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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ok sooooooo you might be wondering why I am wearing all white.. 
Well,......... lets just say I have to, and  the people close to me know why.
  Heading out .. I have a few crafts I have been working on .  I hope to get to them tonight, if I am not back too late.. 
Wednesday is waiting.
Have a fantastic one!!

 And No shoes oh MY!!


  1. adorable outfit! And yes, agreed that it's a tad early in the year for a white ensemble. But sounds like the color is mandatory for your purpose. Besides, you make it look timelessly chic!

  2. You amazing in white. I have to say that you are really brave for wearing white.

  3. I actually love this all white look. Very chic

  4. Loving your bracelet belt! I say, if you can pull off white, go for it! You can, and you did. Tis a tough feat for me.
    Come link up Thursday and join me in a happy dance!


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