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Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Sew Pillow

I Use to do this a lot when I wanted a change in my living room,  back when I was just married and had no money.  I have always wanted to change colors  in my rooms and Pillows where the fasted and easiest way to do it, and I love easy and Inexpensive.   I have been looking for  a small pillow and could never find one.  I found this pillow in G's room just waiting for me to swipe it:).  I had given it  to him  last Valentine's day, for some reason I don't think he will miss it.
You can use any Scarf or scrap piece of material.  This was a scarf I have had for 15 years, lol, and the color was perfect.  I covered the red pillow with white material first, so you could not see the red underneath.


 Scarf and  white material to fit.

  I pinned the white pillow cover with a safety pin to hold it in place, and  to make it easier.
Or you could tie a bow. 
I tucked in the ends so they could not be seen.

She looks so pretty in her new spot.

Happy Saturday Everyone.
Think Happy Thoughts.


  1. no sew? ummm amazing! I'll attempt anything I don't have to take a needle and thread to! hehe! though I desperately want to learn!


  2. ooh! and I made a feature button for all the awesome peeps I feature for WIAW and other shenanigans on the blog -- so totally grab it if you'd like b/c you were my one of my fist features last week! <3 mwah


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