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Thursday, March 10, 2011


This morning  the cats and dogs fell out of the sky. WOW! did it rain,  our little town got quite a soaking.  I  think the cold front from up north has finally descended upon us. YAY! for cooler weather and lower humidity, we love that, or I do anyway. I decided it is to messy to be running around in a dress, which is what I wanted to wear, so I opted on jeans, my favorite purple shirt, a vest, and the new clutch I made. I think the dark weather will be here the rest of  today, but tomorrow is looking very Promising. 

Vest ~ Charlotte Russe
Skinny Jeans Target
Bracelet~ I made HERE

Clutch I Made HERE
Yay!! Tomorrow is Friday, and I get to see my Sister and Niece.
Are any of you looking forward to doing Anything Fun this the Weekend?


  1. Great outfit - love it all! Your vest is fab! I have been invited to a Spring Fashion Show this weekend so I am looking forward to that!


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