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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feather Necklace

Well ~I had a few left over feathers from the feather 
purse I did, for a guest blog at  
Social Salutations HERE. (Love her Blog)
Which I will re- post here later today.  I was going to do a small feather clutch but....I made this instead.. With the help of a gifted necklace, I received from E, at our Weekly D and D meeting. I just combined her necklace with the one that I made,  because mine looked a little plain to me. It needed that extra ummm "Je ne sais quois".   I love how it turned out..
I guess I am feather obsessed....

 It was not hard at all.  
Of course we discussed  lots 
of important things HERE first.
The Fab 3, Plus H who so wonderfully joined in, making it the Fab 4. 
Plus me..:)
 I received this Bag full of goodies from E.
Inside all of that was a whole big bag of jewelry. OMG it was like my birthday, Thank you so much E.
One of the necklaces she gave me, I used in this project.
lets go make it!

Things You Need

2. Some Felt or Leather.
3.Cord or Ribbon about 30 inches
4. Hot Glue Gun

 First cut out two shapes that look like this. I used a plastic lid.

Place one of the pieces that you cut out down. Cut the cord you have in half , making them approximately 15 inches each. Place some hot glue in the top corners and add your cord to both sides. Like in the picture above.

 I placed my feathers down in the number order, like in the picture above.

 Then on the other half moon piece, I cut out a shape to look like this pink one.

I trimmed all the feathers at the top so they would not stick out.

 Then I  hot glued the pink piece on top of the feathers, to hid the quills and the cords.
 Now, you could be all done here,  and it looked like this.
But I saw this..

I tied the feather necklace, I  just made, to it and wrapped the cord around the leather then tied it at the other end.

to get this.

All done!
I hope you all have a Wonderful Day. 
Thursday already, 
Which means tomorrow is ~Yay!! Friday.


  1. Seriously amazing Anne! Wow!! You blow me away girl!! Wow!

  2. That is beautiful! It's such a statement piece too. Is it heavy to wear with all the leather and beads, and cords on it?

  3. always good ideas in your blog.
    You are lovely

  4. Anne this is so cool!!!! You took a pretty necklace and made it look ever BETTER!!!! Huge upgrade! =) Thanks for introducing us to the fab 4 (plus yourself of course!) You're two away from 150 followers!!!! Holllerrrr!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. I LOVE all your ideas! I just got done looking around you blog and I love all you cool(and inspirational ideas!)! Cant wait to see more Project ReStyle posts!!

  6. This is sooooo stinkin' FABULOUS! I may have to try this! ~Serene

  7. Photo family!
    You have such a beautiful family Anne!

  8. You are so creative! My sister would LOVE this!

  9. Dude, you're so tone! I was wondering who E was when you would refer to her. What a nice group of ladies. Miss my granny.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  10. This is one of the coolest necklaces i've had ever seen!


  11. Wow. That is crazy cool. It's one of those things that I would lust over on someone else, but then not be confident enough to wear myself. It's absolutely fantastic!

  12. very pretty, not sure if I can pull that off, but you definitely can!

  13. Ooo, more feathers? Love!!! I don't know if I could rock that look (like Breeanna said), but I sure like to look at it. :)

  14. oh my gawsh!!! this might be my favorite. Sorry I'm commenting all crazy, but I'm sooooo behind on my reader (shame face).

  15. really pretty - d'you think this could be worn in the daytime as well?? - cannot find the 'other' feathers you refer to

    1. Thank you :)The feathers I used on this were from a feather duster I bought, but they sell very pretty feathers at joann fabric or Michaels.
      Day time? If it were a smaller necklace, I would say yes.


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