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Saturday, March 26, 2011

And The Winner Is.........

I never thought that doing this would make me so nervous.. But I was SOOOOO nervous, I made H pull the name out..  
AHHHHHHHH!  I had to eat a couple of Heath Bars just to calm myself down.

Giveaway Tutorial.
Ok~ So I  folded up everyone's name and  put them in my basket.

Then I Made H pick one out.

And then the winner appeared.

 Meredith Heard  Of  
YAYYYYYY!!!! Congratulations Meredith..
You Won 
Thank you all for joining in, I think I will try and do a ~Thank you Giveaway~
every month or so. Maybe next  time I will giveaway  something that I make  or who knows what I am able to get my hands on in the future.
Speaking Of Giveaways
Jen from the most incredible Blog 
Is doing a Giveaway with a Phone Case that I made. You all should head over there and join in!  
While your there, Check out her amazing Blog.
She is A
Food Diva!!
Making the most incredible, nutritious meals, awesome crafts and telling the best stories about her Pet Ferrets~ Bully and Roxy. 
I <3 Her.
Now what are you waiting for, it is super easy, just click on the words Peas and Crayons or Giveway and you will magically warp over to her blog. 
Have a Fantastic Night.


  1. Yay! Ohhh I'm so excited!!! I never win giveaways!
    Thanks Anne :)

  2. you have a reallly nice blog :D


  3. Congratulations Meredith. For your first win, you got a good one.


  4. Congratulations! ( but I'm a bit jealous)

  5. Nice way to detail how you picked the winner. Who knew picking a winner could be so riveting! I especially love the little kitty waiting with bated breath...well, it's probably more kitty-food breath...
    That ring is beautiful! Congrats to the lucky winner!!!!!

  6. That is cute that you were nervous!

    Congrats to the winner!

  7. Okay, that kitty pic was too cute! Congrats to Meredith!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


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