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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birds, Bunnies, and Bugs

Not my normal post, but hey I like going way off base.  I was dusting( YUCK) and I happened to notice that I have a little bit of a thing for Birds, Bunnies and Bugs.  I never noticed it before.  Why am I attracted to these things?  Well I guess that is like asking me why am I attracted to my husband. It is because they make me feel all warm and tingly inside. Isn't that what you want to surround yourself with  in life, things that make you feel good inside no matter how weird they are. That goes for both my collection and my significant other. Life stays interesting that way. I just thought I would document my little find, and share them with you.

 Salt and Pepper Shakers.

 Is he not just the cutest thing?


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Lots of wonderful things in the works, can't wait to share..


  1. ahhhh you snuck the baby photo in there! =) Beyond cute!

    I am a big bird collector =) Cause my nickname is Bird! =) and b/c they are awesome and cute! lol

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I love your bird, bunnies and bugs. So glad you clarified the part about how it related to why you fell in love with your husband. I wasn't sure if it to do with cute bunnies, the birds and the bee's or some kind of interesting insect. Glad it was to do with the affect they have on you. Very cute babies.

    Lisa x

  3. Are you alling your husband a bug? :-0 Hoho!

    These are very cute! I love rabbits and hares.

    By the way, I am totally coveting your flip flop sandals in the post below. They're LOVELY!


  4. What a coincidence, i love to collecting birds and heve a lot. Those are so pretty...


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