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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten MinuteTassel Key Chain

Ok !!!So let's  just say it is official!
~  I am obsessed with Tassels at the moment. ~ 
But I Wanted a Tassel key chain, And I do not want to spend $278.00.
(Can you hear the Whine in my voice
So What do I do, I make it myself, out leather from a Re-Style Project. I really want to buy some colored leather, 
but Budget think, Budget!!
Colored leather will have to come later.
Any of you can make these. It took me, no lie, ten minutes and a hot glue gun that cost me $2.99 at Wal-Mart and  some Scrap leather, but I am sure if you so desire you could  make a tassel out of any material even A T- Shirt, which is what I did for my pink tassel, Pink Leather will have to wait for now.
 Some examples of Tassels 
I found on the inter-WEB.


Things you need.
1. Scrap rectangle  of leather or any material you want.
2. Hot  glue gun
3. Scissors
4.Key ring
5. Imagination 
 Cut out a rectangle of leather or T-shirt material. If you use a T-shirt, use a hemmed edge like a sleeve, or the bottom of the shirt that has a hem in it. 
(Look at the top of the Pink Tassel.)
Cut slits in it, like the picture above.

Get your key ring. A bag of key rings at Wal- mart, I think  cost $2.00.
( I just searched the house for old ones not in use anymore) 
cut a small rectangle, wrap it, and glue it. 

 Then glue it to the end of the leather

Then start to wrap tight, take your time,  glue every turn, until you reach the end.

And you are done!! 
YAY you did it! 
I have another Tassel  Tutorial 

I really Like the pink one
and that is made from a T- Shirt.

I will never loose my keys again!!
I LOVE Easy!!
 Have a Fabulous Friday.


  1. This is so perfect! I have got to make one for my keychain! <3 Thanks Anne!!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Nice. Not sure how they can justify the price. DIY is much better.

    Lisa x

  3. This adorable! I'm so making this for the Pay It Forward craft challenge! Thanks for sharing!


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