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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easy to Make, Over Sized Clutch (UsingTwo Placemats)

Morning everyone!! 
I  hope your Wednesday was wonderful. I was doing a little cleaning last Friday in some drawers, in my kitchen, and I found a bag with two Yellow, Gold, Place mats in them. WHY?  I have no Idea, or even how long they have been there.  Great organization on my part. I must have bought 6 and we only ever use 4. LOL 
Well, since I made my last Green Placemat Clutch, my head, of course, was spinning with ideas.. I have been admiring and wanting a BIG Clutch. 
This cost me $4.00 to make,$1.99 for each placemat.  Well that's what the tags said when I found them.

These were my inspirations.

Oh yeah almost forgot these.
Love the tassels.

 So here is how I did it.
Combining a little from each picture.


Things you need
1. Two placemats
2.Some Contrasting Material
3.Leather, not much 1/3 of a yard. I used and old leather jacket..
4. Leather Cord.
5. Magnetic Snaps  (Joanne's $1.99)
6. Sewing Machine
7. As Always, Patience

#1.Cut your one mat, a little over half, fold over, iron.

#2. measure and cut out your contrasting material,
fold the edges and iron down.

#3. Stitch the bottom of the contrasting material.
#4. Flip over the material so that the right side is showing., pin to the top of the purse, and stitch three sides, leaving the bottom open so that you can place in the magnetic snaps 

#5. Stitch the top of the bottom half.

#6.  Now you are going to add the bottom half.   Flip that over to the right side and  stitch the three sides.

#7. Then add your Magnetic Snaps.
How to Make Your Own Tassels
1.Take a piece of leather~ lets say 4x6~ cut  strips in it like the picture.

2.Get a piece of leather cord ~ lets say 8 inches.
put a drop of hot glue, place the cord on the glue press down.

3.Now you are going to roll up the tassel around the leather cord,  placing a drop of hot glue every other turn.
Take your time don't be in a hurry.

4.Now, take the other end of the cord and do the same thing. Making another tassel.

 Now I just cut a strip of leather the size that I wanted,   and attached it to the purse. 
It goes all the way from front to back.
I put it on with the purse closed, and I hot glued mine.

Then I attached my tassels to the inside.

I took some leather cord and stitched it  around the square with a craft needle, the holes were already there.
The leather  that I used for this project, (except for the cord), was from an old leather jacket that was in the attic.

And that is it!
I hope these instructions are easy enough to follow.

I love how it turned out..
 Clothes post later I HOPE!!
Happy Thursday All.!
Thanks for Stopping By.


  1. I am big fan of over sized clutches, but I have only one.

  2. what a great tutorial!! inspiring! def need to try this!
    it came out great!

    Enter my giveaway!

  3. Very cool project. Love the tassels and the lining especially~

  4. Your projects are so detailed and simple to understand, especially to those of us in the novice category of sewing...

    I've learned so much from you in the past few weeks!

    Thanks for sharing this with my readers at Creative Juice Thursday!


  5. Is this totally adorable or what? I LOVE those sweet little tassels. Fabulous job!

  6. YEA, I found the place mats lol
    :D Thank's Anne...


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