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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orange and Teal

Oh.... Isn't Saturday just the Best day. Even If I have to work on a Saturday there is just something about the word Saturday that makes me smile. I hope all of you just have the best Saturday ever. This is the Last Saturday of our Spring Break,:) but oh what wonderful weather we have for it.  It makes me want to throw a blanket down in my back yard read my new InStyle  and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

 Target T-Shirt  
Re-Styled Skirt ~ HERE
Belt~ Express
 Gold and Wood Bead Necklace  (Day)

 Tassel Bead Necklace? (Night)  HMMMMMMM
             Target                                          Charlotte Russe

Purse~ I made HERE
Earrings ~I borrowed from H.

Tutorial !
Take Two Necklaces and make one.
Wood Bead and Gold Chain

Yay! new Necklace.

Tassel Bead Necklace

All Done and So Easy. 
I bet you could change up a few of your necklaces to make new ones!
Happy Saturday Everyone. 
I can't wait to show you the cute little  house treasure I found.


  1. orange and teal is one of my favorite color combos. i love everything about this ensemble... the necklace, the belt and the shoes... just love it all! you have a wonderful saturday too!

  2. Oh wow I have a very similar necklace to your "wood bead" one but mine is in the blue turquoise family
    cool idea I'm gonna "copy" you- fun new way to wear it:)

  3. You have always a good idea for uns!I like necklaces, and mix blue+orange: perfect!

  4. That skirt is really beautiful! :) Love the color!

  5. eeeeeek LOVE the outfit :)


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