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Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Re-Style #13

Welcome Everyone,to Project Re-Style # 13!
Yay! for Monday, and Yay! I made it to Week #13.  If you are just now joining in to my blog I am doing 52 weeks of Re-Styling something in my closet.  I do a Restyle Project  every Monday, along with some other Re-Styles during the week. But Monday is my favorite day.  I will put all the details about Project Re-Style at the end of this post.
Ok let's get started.
I had a White tank , I wanted to make it a little more dressy.
Re-Styled White Tank.
Things you Need.
1. Tank top
2. I cut up a Sweater for the ruffles, But any Light material maybe even T-Shirt material.
3. Scissors
4. Sewing Machine
5 Beads~ I bought a pack for $2.00 at Wal-mart.
6. Needle and thread the same color as the top.

 I  started in the middle and placing Large  moons, to small moons.

 the beads kind of gave it that little extra sparkle I was looking for..
And that is it!..

 This project took me about an hour 1/2 to do total.  About  a 1/2 hour to do the beads.  You could change this up however you want.  
The  Sky's the limit when it comes to designing. 
Just click on the picture to get all the details about project Re-style. 

13 down 39 to go.
I hope Everyone's Monday is Fabulous!


  1. this is so cute! much more fancy and fun now :)

  2. Nice!!! Too bad i can't sew ;(
    But these posts are inspirations to me.


  3. Love the bead work, makes it look so elegant!

  4. Absolutely adore the tank! What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I'm in love. If I could I would wear white tanks all year long. Great job....

    Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

  6. This is gorgeous. I could find this in some cute boutique store. Thanks for the great idea!
    I featured your cute tank on my Friday Favorites post today at Calico and Cupcakes. Feel free to grab a featured button if you would like it. Have a great weekend!

  7. You can even make a plain white tank look fabulous. Seriously.

    I'm using your restyles as inspiration for my spring "re"collection...

    thanks for being a regular at creative juice. i love seeing what you sew up each week.

  8. This is very cute,light and summery. A really lovely item I would like to try making

  9. this is adorable! i am wondering, though, if it could be altered to make a fringe shaped as a heart for Valentines Day. i realize you probably won't see this. i'm thinking i'm going to try this and maybe the heart one, too.

    1. That Idea would be Awesome for Valentines Day, I don't think it would be too hard to make into a heart.. I would love to see it when you are finished!!
      Have a wonderful night


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