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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wooden Beads

I picked up these wooden beads at Wal-mart about a month ago because,  for some reason, I am wanting wooden accessories for Spring.    I  made this Bracelet to start off with and I think I  will work on a necklace next.   Super easy and inexpensive.  I have always wondered how to do  two beads next to each other without all the tying and so on.  On this bracelet  I used just one strand of  clear elastic thread and tied it off at the end.  You could do this with all kinds of beads.   I was thinking a pearl one would be pretty too.
I love how it turned out, so I thought that I would share.
 A Tutorial (kind of :) )

 Just measure you arm  I used 20 large beads and 10 small ones: But I like my bracelets kind of loose.

Whatever you measure, double that for your elastic thread.

 And That is it!!!!
Super Easy and something new to add to my Spring Collection.   I think this will look good with my New Re-Styled  Orange Skirt.

 Oh Yeah!!!
I made this too, but that's another post..
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Before I saw the pic (on phone, small screen), I thought maybe you did one strand. I should have known better because that would have been too simple for the Queen of Crafts! This is awesome! I've been thinking of getting elastic string and venturing into bracelets but I've been too lazy to go further than just thinking. Perhaps I shall get to the doing part.

    Not feeling well. Been blah lately so just slapping up my posts and not commenting much. I'll be back to normal soon I hope.
    Come link up Hursday while I do my happy dance!

  2. woohoo Got the beads, I am going to tackle this tonight :)

  3. Anne HELP :( I don't know how to tie it off :(


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