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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boy Meets Girl.

Today I am not traveling much, just your run of the mill taxi service.  I am, however, working on a bit of Art and Design, so I thought I would dress to feel inspired to Work.   Does that  really work?   Yes, for me it does.  I have always felt if I could just get up and get dressed, things would get accomplished. Most of the time,  I get a lot more done if I do that.   
Today I am mixing masculine with feminine. I love that combination.  Do you?   Maybe it is because I love Marlena Dietrich,Katharine Hepburn,
and Greta Garbo.
I just think there is just something great about it.

White Shirt~ Express
Vest~ Charlotte Russe
Jeans~ Marshalls
Pearls~ Target

Shoes~ Antonio Melani
Have a Great Tuesday Night:)


  1. I love this outfit!!!! Very sexy/sophisticated. Great vest/heals/pearls/jeans. ok. everything. lol :)

  2. LOVE the pearls and the shoes. I always think that the jewelry and shoes make the outfit.
    THANKS!!! for stopping by and leaving a NICE comment, visit anytime.

  3. Love your pearls :)
    This selection of photos is really beautiful.

  4. Katharine Hepburn is my high waisted slacks idol. I love her plays on masculine/feminine combination.

    Great jeans btw.

  5. I'm a big fan of those classic movie stars. so glamorous!

    I know what you mean about getting dressed to get things done. I notice this on the weekends. The sooner, I get dressed, the sooner I start working on things.

  6. Love your classic pics! Your outfit is gorgeous love the vest, shoes....I feel the same way too about getting dressed - it's pretty much how I have always been :)

  7. Anne (hehehe) Next to last photo
    LOOOOOOOOOOOVE those shoes :)


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