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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Easy Rope Basket Planter

 Spring is here and my green thumb, that just developed at the age of 50, is  itching to get outside and redo so much on my porch and in my yard. I  was trying to think of a few inexpensive ways to update my plant area.   I have been wanting to do a rope basket like planter and so here is the  ones I came up with. some with little pom pom s and one with just  circle sides.  as i think about it I really want a lid  for two of them so later I will be heading out to go make one.  

I am just starting to get into  a good routine and loving every second of it, 
I haven't been able to say that for  a long time. 
If you are wanting to add a little neutral colors to  your plant area, these are easy, inexpensive   and fun to make. 

Video HERE
Wishing you all the very best day!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Ombre Tassle Earrings DIY

 I am taking a break from tee shirts for a day to do these ombre tassels earrings. 
 I love the look of tassels in any size, shape or form  and these little cuties are no exception.
 I could spend the whole day making them in every color. 

I have to be completely honest, I am digging  this new normal for me.  My creativity, which was all but dead 3 months ago, has come back in full force. that part of me  that was all but closed off has been open and the passion is  it is pouring through me like someone knocked down the  biggest wall.
I hope all of you have seen some sort of positive spin to all of this crazy that has happened?   

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

No Sew Skirt: DIY

This is how I made the skirt that was in the Back Tied Tee tutorial ( Click HERE) to see.
 This would make a great  beach coverup  or just to wear out on a hot summer night. (Hopefully)

I have been spending a lot of time just like everyone else cooking, cleaning,  organizing, drawing,, painting, taking pictures of flowers and creating new, no sews, for my blog.  We are on day  37 of our shelter in place. I  think we will be back to semi -normal around June or July fingers crossed.

 How is everyone holding up?.  How are all of you spending your days?   I hope and pray you are all doing well.
 Sending out my love.

Video for this  Click HERE

Monday, April 20, 2020

Back Tied Tee DIY

 Another Quick and Easy no sew  Tee. The Skirt is also  made from a Tee. 
That tutorial will come  a little later.

I have just returned  from my weekly trip to the grocery store.  Now that we only go once a week the prep and time it takes to go has almost tripled..   I  have to really take my time and slow down read my list ten times over to make sure I  have everything thing before I  even think about walking out . God forbid   I forget something ,  because  it will be a week before I will be back.   I also have to be extra mindful of my surroundings,   keep my social distance and be respectful of other peoples time and space.   A lot of the times people take extra time looking for items, and I get it completely, they are just trying to find substitutes for things  because they  are out of so many of our regular items.   I don't mind it at all, it  makes me slow down and think.    Funny how this has really made me extra  mindful of everything and I feel so much more appreciative of the little things.
I hope you all are doing well. Sending you all my love.


Friday, April 17, 2020

Side Tied, Cropped Tee

 Hey all,  How are you doing?  The week went by way too fast for me. I am always thinking of all the things I would like to get done during this down time at home and  my  list keeps growing.   I keep finding things that need attending to, things I have put off for years because of my work schedule. I am actually loving the change of pace. The change of focus has been good for me too. My soul really needed attending too.

Yesterday I fixed a leak in our kitchen sink, I bought a new lighter rug for the living room and baked a loaf of homemade bread. I feel  pretty  accomplished.  I have so much  more I want to do like paint two rooms and re-screen the front porch clean out and re plant all of the plants around our home and the list goes on and on .

Sometime I feel we get so caught up in making money to pay all the bills  that life becomes mundane and and habitual. Then it starts to feel like there is no way out, because how in the world would you just stop working in a secure job.   Why would you make  the change to something that you love that  is not secure and  might not bring in the money needed.?

 Are any of you feeling like you need to rethink your future? Well if you are join the club. The funny part is when I think about making a change my heart feels so light and happy. Then when I  think about going back to my old world I become anxious, unhappy and fearful. It should be a no brainer right?   The answer is right there. I hope if any of you are deciding to switch up your career  that you soar like a bird.

  This Pink Tee was the top part of my face mask project I did about a week ago.
Not only does this cropped tied tee only take you about 5 minutes to make,
 it would look really cute paired up with some high waisted jeans, shorts, or  a cute high waisted skirt.

  Video HERE

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

DIY Easy Rope, Plant Hanger .

Changing it up today with a quick and easy way to spruce up a plain Terra-cotta pot.
I am really into hanging plants right now and working on this project was so peaceful and calming for me.   I want to do this to all my pots now. 

I did this to a smaller pot that I will be featuring in my YouTube Video and even made a teeny tiny one,  all the same technique.    So if you are looking to spruce up your planting area or you need a little change where your plants live this  is DIY  for you.

Lots Of Love,

Monday, April 13, 2020

No Sew, Rope Halter DIY

 "Why, Sometimes I believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.".
Alice in Wonderland.

When you flip this shirt upside down you can utilize the hem at the bottom.   I try and utilize things  on shirts that are already sewn, to make the most out of  the shirt
I would wear this with a pair of  high waisted pair of  pants or jeans or some cute shorts.
 I am wondering if we will be skipping Spring and going straight into Summer. Whatever happens, we will all be ready for it.

Funny story I wanted to share. Maybe you can relate.. .

My Brain seems to be all discombobulated over the last month or so.
Tonight  I was cooking Dinner and My son came into the Kitchen to get a drink. While he was standing at the fridge,   I was trying to ask him  if we had any more Ginger Ale out in our other Fridge in the garage.  But Literally what came out of my mouth was stuttering, weird sounds and words that made absolutely no sense what -so- ever...
My son just looked at me and said   "Are you OK????? "   I just started laughing until I cried.
 My Brain has been doing a lot of trying to play catch up lately ... Do any of  you out there understand what I am talking about ? Do you try and talk and weird  things come out.?.
 Telling this story to my Husband when he came home from work was even funnier and I laughed all over again.
He just shook his head and said "Wow your brain is working over time today.." 

Stay strong everyone.
Lots of Love.

                          Video HERE

Friday, April 10, 2020

No Sew , Drapped Vest: DIY

 This was one of my very first no sew,  Tee-shirt Tutorials that I wrote about 9 years ago.
The simplicity of this really surprises me every time I look at it.

I bought this 3X tee shirt for a different project. But...Yeah, as you can see that it was tossed in with the whites and a little bleach by accident.  No worries, I love how the pattern of the bleach turned out.   It gives it a nice little design.
The reason I am re-doing this specific Project  is because my skills in blogging are just a little better than they use to be and I really just wanted to update the blog post and update the video into my YouTube with new music.

This makes a great little cover over a tank or tee shirt and I love the way it drapes in the front.
Happy Good Friday Everyone!

 My Little Easter DIY is not quite finished, it is still drying, so I was going to post it tomorrow.

Love to you all.

Video HERE


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Felted Bunny Tea Towels DIY

 I have been  thinking about making  these little bunny Tea Towels for about 6 weeks.   .  If you have never done needle felting before, I highly suggest it. Not only is it very  satisfying , it is  pretty simple, plus I needed a break from the real world for just a moment.

 With only a few tools you can make so many cute little projects like decorating and repairing sweaters to making cute little felted animals and  I love this technique to decorate tea towels.  These would make the cutest  Easter gifts for friends and family.

Today I made some pretzel bread, cleaned the bathroom for the tenth time, washed and folded another load of laundry and I changed three different times  just to go to the porch and work on a project.

 Stay safe.
Love to you all


Monday, April 6, 2020

No Sew, Easy Face Mask :DIY

Wow!.. I can not believe how many awesome face mask tutorials are out there. People are so very creative.

Please, Do your own Research on Masks and whether or not you should wear one.

I have been  asked by so many people about face masks and with the new suggestion that we wear them when we have to venture out of the house. You can make a mask  comfortable to wear, easy to wash and out of something you most likely already have. 

Do not place these on children under the age of  2 years old,  or who cannot remove their mask on their own. It is not safe to obstruct their air flow  or anyone's air flow who is  having difficulty breathing. 
 I did a little research on the best material to use if you do not have a surgical grade mask,
HERE are the top 3.
1. Vacuum cleaner bag
2.  Dish towel
3. A Cotton Tee shirt.

Look no further I have a tee shirt, I Create No Sew designs,. This project  seems like it is just up my ally.
I spent  the greater part of yesterday cutting , drawing and making all different kinds of shapes and sizes of masks. I wanted a mask that fit the face comfortably and no gaps. This shape was the one I landed on . This mask  is also two layers, another suggestion  they made.

This is all a voluntary suggestion, Please do your research on masks and whether or not you should wear them.  Critical Thinking on everything.     I hope this helps some of you. Now you can make your own mask and feel just a tiny bit safer when you head out.

I would like to make one very strong suggestion.  When Washing these masks I would  hand wash them then dry them on a flat surface If you do this the shape of the mask will be preserved. .
 Make one in every color for every day.  

Stay Safe!
 Love to you all!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Twisty Tank:DIY

 How is everyone doing ? How are you holding up.?  I am basically staying very busy and maintaining a 8am -6pm work day.  The good news is  that it seems like my creativity is slowly coming back.   I was  creatively uninspired  over the last year.  I feel that  I shut the  creative part of my brain off because  of how much time I was putting into my other job  and believe me, my other job  took  A LOT  out of me.  I am welcoming the creative side of me  back,. I missed her so much...

 This was a shirt that I had in a pile of shirts that I wanted to re-do.  It was a mess up and I am starting this project from the point of the mess up. I hope that doesn't confuse you too much.

 Basically I cut off the collar and then  I cut the front part of the shirt into a low scoop.

To see how I transformed the rest of it. 
Click below.
Stay Safe!  

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

One Shoulder, Tied Halter: DIY

 Old tee shirts are everywhere in this house. I have this huge  problem of always thinking I can perform, Shirt surgery  and that I can transform all TEE shirts into something new and exciting.
Please don't tell my husband,  I have even stolen a few of his tee shirts once in a while. "Whoo,Me? Never!"
This beautiful pink tee was one of the tee's that was in the  going bye, bye, bag  but I grabbed it and I tip toed it back in the house. This particular shirt was  heading out because of the little bit of bleach stain on the front and side. My plan is to turn that bleach stain into a design.

I have a couple of ideas for a couple of  side-tied tee shirts.
Here is the first one.  Stay tuned for the others....

Love to you all!