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Friday, April 3, 2020

Twisty Tank:DIY

 How is everyone doing ? How are you holding up.?  I am basically staying very busy and maintaining a 8am -6pm work day.  The good news is  that it seems like my creativity is slowly coming back.   I was  creatively uninspired  over the last year.  I feel that  I shut the  creative part of my brain off because  of how much time I was putting into my other job  and believe me, my other job  took  A LOT  out of me.  I am welcoming the creative side of me  back,. I missed her so much...

 This was a shirt that I had in a pile of shirts that I wanted to re-do.  It was a mess up and I am starting this project from the point of the mess up. I hope that doesn't confuse you too much.

 Basically I cut off the collar and then  I cut the front part of the shirt into a low scoop.

To see how I transformed the rest of it. 
Click below.
Stay Safe!  

 Things you Need

  • Old Tee 
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

  • Cut off the collar
  • Cut a low scoop in the front of the tee.
  • Cut off the sleeves.

  • Cut off the seam.
  •  Divide the back sleeve by drawing two lines

  •  Using the scissors, cut the lines.

  • Draw a small half circle to connect  
  • Cut the line 
  •  Take the two pieces and twist then together.
  • Tie that piece to the front piece.

  •  Take the two pieces and twist them together.

  • Tie the Twisted piece to the front piece.

This Tank is proof, that even if it's a mess up,
 it can be saved and turned into something wonderful.


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