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Friday, April 24, 2020

Ombre Tassle Earrings DIY

 I am taking a break from tee shirts for a day to do these ombre tassels earrings. 
 I love the look of tassels in any size, shape or form  and these little cuties are no exception.
 I could spend the whole day making them in every color. 

I have to be completely honest, I am digging  this new normal for me.  My creativity, which was all but dead 3 months ago, has come back in full force. that part of me  that was all but closed off has been open and the passion is  it is pouring through me like someone knocked down the  biggest wall.
I hope all of you have seen some sort of positive spin to all of this crazy that has happened?   

 Things you need

  •  Cut the thread about 3 feet , enough to wrap around your two fingers 11 times.

  •  Carefully pull it off your fingers.

  •  Fold it over the circle.

  •  Wrap another piece of thread around the folded thread. 
  • Tie in a double knot.
  •  Wrap one of the threads around the top of the tassels three times. 
  • Tie again in a double knot.
  • Tip  .... Make sure all the knots are on the same side.

  •  Cut the loops open.

  •  Trim the ends
  •  Using the pliers attach the fish hook finding.

 See I told you,
 Easy, Peasy

 Have a beautiful day!


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