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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Felted Bunny Tea Towels DIY

 I have been  thinking about making  these little bunny Tea Towels for about 6 weeks.   .  If you have never done needle felting before, I highly suggest it. Not only is it very  satisfying , it is  pretty simple, plus I needed a break from the real world for just a moment.

 With only a few tools you can make so many cute little projects like decorating and repairing sweaters to making cute little felted animals and  I love this technique to decorate tea towels.  These would make the cutest  Easter gifts for friends and family.

Today I made some pretzel bread, cleaned the bathroom for the tenth time, washed and folded another load of laundry and I changed three different times  just to go to the porch and work on a project.

 Stay safe.
Love to you all


 Things you need.

Felting Needles 
Pen Style Felting Needle
Cotton Tea Towel
Felting Foam
Wool Roving
Black Marker

  • Draw or print a line drawing of a bunny.
  • I drew my bunny 

  • Go over the bunny with a black marker

  • Place the cotton tea towel over the picture and trace the bunny onto the towel with the pencil.

  • Place the cloth over the felting foam
  • Pull apart the wool roving into a thin layer.
  • Shape the wool into a circle
  • Use the pen style needle to  push the felt thought the cloth.
  • Shape as you go

  • For the Bunny tail take a small amount of white wool roving
  • Roll it into a ball
  • Using the needle push the white wool though the towel.
  • Shape as needed 
  • I used the bigger needle to push the wool  though the fabric once the bunnies were shaped.

      This just makes me smile.
    Have a beautiful day everyone!



    1. Thank-you for the tutorial, what a sweet design, I am going to buy needles and try felting, you make it look very easy with the video.
      I looked at some of your other videos, wow you are one busy Lady.
      Stay Healthy


      1. Thank you so much Catherine.. I am just seeing all of my comments, the google site has been having trouble. so sorry not to respond earlier.


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