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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

One Shoulder, Tied Halter: DIY

 Old tee shirts are everywhere in this house. I have this huge  problem of always thinking I can perform, Shirt surgery  and that I can transform all TEE shirts into something new and exciting.
Please don't tell my husband,  I have even stolen a few of his tee shirts once in a while. "Whoo,Me? Never!"
This beautiful pink tee was one of the tee's that was in the  going bye, bye, bag  but I grabbed it and I tip toed it back in the house. This particular shirt was  heading out because of the little bit of bleach stain on the front and side. My plan is to turn that bleach stain into a design.

I have a couple of ideas for a couple of  side-tied tee shirts.
Here is the first one.  Stay tuned for the others....

Love to you all!

 Things You Need.
  • Tee shirt (this was one that wash accidentally washed with a little bleach.)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

  • Draw a line from under one arm across the shirt and up to the one shoulder.
  • Draw another line from the shoulder to under the other arm
  •  Cut along the lines
  •  Cut a line down the middle of the shoulder.

  •  Tie the front two ties together
  • Tie the front ties to the back ties together.
  • You can tie them separate (One to one)
  • OR...Tie them together. 
  •  Two to two.

  • Separate 

  • Together 

All Finished.
 I bet it only took you about 15 minutes. 


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