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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

DIY Easy Rope, Plant Hanger .

Changing it up today with a quick and easy way to spruce up a plain Terra-cotta pot.
I am really into hanging plants right now and working on this project was so peaceful and calming for me.   I want to do this to all my pots now. 

I did this to a smaller pot that I will be featuring in my YouTube Video and even made a teeny tiny one,  all the same technique.    So if you are looking to spruce up your planting area or you need a little change where your plants live this  is DIY  for you.

Lots Of Love,

Things you need

  • Jute,Cotton Rope
  • Scissors 
  • Gold /Silver Metallic  Paint
  • Brush
  • Paper Towel
  • Terra-Cotta Pot
  • Tape

  • Cut 8 Strands of jute about 3 1/2 to 4 feet long

  •  Gather and Tie a knot at the end

  • Place the pot upside down 
  • Set the knot in the middle of the pot 
  • Divide up the rope:  Two for each side

  •  Tape the rope down (this will make it much easier)

  •     Tie a knot at the base of each side

  • Take two pieces of the rope and tie a knot 
  • Make sure it is in the center

  • Work your way all the way around the pot 

  • I taped the first row all the way around so it would not move.

  •  Tie the last knot right at the top edge of the pot.

  • Gather all the jute together and tie a knot at the top
  • Trim if needed

  • Now you have your very own hanging pot

  • Leave it plain, Or......

  • Paint it gold

  • Gold Paint HERE
  • Brush
  • Paper Towel

  •  Brush the gold around the top
  • Lightly buff with a paper towel working your way down the sides.

  •  Paint and buff until you get the look you desire.

  • I wanted the half gold,  half terra-cotta look,  so I blended the gold down the pot  half way.

Let dry and Hang wherever you want.

I hope you Enjoy making them as much as I did.
I think my daughter has already claimed one of them.



  1. Thank-you for the tutorial, I am going to try this, the tape is a great idea.
    Stay Healthy


  2. Hi I absolutely love your tshirt ideas, where can I see more I can only view the ones from 2020.


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