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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Florida weather is not able to make up it's mind.  Not that I am complaining by any means, it is absolutely  beautiful today, the wind is just blowing away outside, and it is a touch chilly.  
Winter, Spring , Spring, Winter? 
I wore layers today, but light layers, because I know by 3 O'clock it will be warm and then 6 O'clock it will be cool again. I paired that with a tan  leather skirt I bought at Express, forever ago..I even threw in my New Clutch that I just made, to see how it would go. Green is just the pop of color I need.   I think this purse is going to be very versatile, 
not bad for a $1.50 Placemat Clutch!

Sweater from Target, I restyled HERE
Shirt ~ Macy's
Lace tank~ Kohl's
Leather Skirt~ Express

Have a Great Thursday Night Everyone!!


  1. Super cute Anne!! My favorite outfit to date! Although I think I say that every time!! Love it! Rock it girl!

  2. I love this outfit! You look so gorgeous! Love the shoes too!

  3. I LOVE looking at your outfits and ideas. Really love!!! Your wardrobe is just amazing.

    I've changed my mind, by the way....I think if you were in the playground at school pick-up time I might just sneak jealous peeks at you!!!!


  4. i am hunting for a skirt like that!!! so chic!

  5. beautiful layering, love the colors that you put together in this outfit!


  6. Your weather sounds a lot like our weather here in southern California. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cold in the night. When will it make up it's mind!


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