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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dress Up your Sunglasses DIY.

 Tired of your Sunglasses or think yours are just too Plain Jane. Dress them up with fun stuff like Glass beads or Crystal  Rhinestones. 
Super easy DIY.  
  On a super tight budget? I say you can still go to the beach In style. Can't afford all of those fancy sunglasses?  Yes you can, and maybe even throw in a second or a third pair because you are so crafty. 

Things You Need 
1. Glasses and old pair or I bought some for 5$ at Wal-mart, and they have 100% uv protection.
2 Painters tape or masking tape(not scotch tape it leaves glue on your glasses that is hard to get off)
4 Needle and thread
5. Glass beads 
6. Scissors

1.First  decide what you want to do, what kind of design you want.
2. Then, you want to plan a little. I drew my design, but you can place your beads in whatever pattern you want just put them on a white piece of paper to see if you will like the design you picked out.

Do not use Scotch Tape ,like in this picture:)

3. Tape up your Glasses. I would recommend taping everywhere you are not putting beads. Super glue is not something you want anywhere except under your beads.
and now you have a new pair of dressed up sunglasses.
You can also make  fun Rhinestone ones  like these.
 Tomorrow we will make a cool beach cover up, to match the glasses in the picture above.
Super easy an sooooo cute..


  1. Cute! I can't wait to try it!

  2. OMG!!! Your creativity has gone beyond clothes, shoes and bags. So ingenious to DIY on sunglasses;)


  3. EEEEEEEEEK ANNE I love them

  4. Ohh they look so cute!!!

    kisses xoxo


  5. kisses from dove

    ─────(▒)(▒)──────██▄█─ (▒)(▒)
    ────(▒)(♥)(▒)─────██▀█─ (▒)(♥)(▒)

    Here are some cross stitch patterns

  6. I love your illustrations...

    great DIY idea, yet, again...


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