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Friday, May 13, 2011

Flax Seed Pants.

Did You Know?
Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. Linen is labor-intensive to manufacture, but when it is made into garments, it is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.
Textiles in a linen-weave texture, even when made of cotton, hemp and other non-flax fibres are also loosely referred to as "linen". Such fabrics generally have their own specific names other than linen; for example, fine cotton yarn in a linen-style weave is called Madapolam.

And , Flax seed, one of the best things you can ingest,  also comes from the flax seed plant, so ~my pants are healthy as well. 

 Shirt~ Charlotte Russe
Vest~ I  Re Styled HERE
Pants~ Express
Purse~ I Made HERE
Necklace~ I Made
Earrings, Mother of Pearl and Gold~ Macy's
Bracelets~ Wal-mart
Shoes~ Charlotte Russe

New obsession.

This was Thursdays Post. 
Happy Thursday!:)


  1. Anne you look so Cute.
    well lets see
    I seen a pair of shoes LOL
    and now pants lol Thank God Im not close by id raid your closet like crazy bahahahaha

  2. OH Check WALMART I found a bolero blue jean jacket 7$ :)
    they had several here

  3. I didn't know linen was from flax!

    {p.s. Just gave you a shout-out over at The Art of Doing Stuff as one of my favorite reads}


    Have a great weekend, Anne!

  4. This looks like a great summer outfit for a sunset cruise or just a cruise or just a sunset. Easy breezy, light and airy.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. i love this outfit - really casual chic. and the bangles really set it off :-)

  6. I told you on twitter, but this is my fave outfit of yours. It's totally perfect. I love the monotone and your wide leg linen pants. Lovely Anne.


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