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Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Re Style # 20 Pink Petal Tank

Petal Tank
OH my goodness! I can not believe that this is Project Re-Style number 20.  
That just seems plum crazy. 

It can not be~Twenty Weeks of Re-Styling. 
That means I have made twenty new pieces of clothing to wear, from clothes that were tired and ready for a face lift.  That is So fabulous. I hope all of you  reading this are getting the bug to recreate something spectacular out of something  that has gone into the give away pile or that dreaded black bag.. Can't you hear them?. Your clothes are crying out to you 
" Re-Style me, PLEASE!"
This week I had planned, once again, on a different Re-Style, but because I am always flying by the seat of my pants,  I have changed, my indecisive mind, once again.
Short story behind this tank.  I bought it at Target for $4.00, I was so happy that it was only  $4.00, that I bought two. Doesn't everyone do that?   But, alas, It seems that I had to perform Re-Style surgery on this one, because the color was fading in spots and well, you know, tossing into a give away pile, was simply out of the question.  I had to think up away to cover random areas. That Idea came while I was wandering through Kohl's one day,  I had spotted a skirt with these little flowers all over it, and well as they say, the rest was history.
As always, details on Project Re-Style are at the end of this post.  
It is so exciting.

Things you Need
1. Old Tank
2.Material that is light and airy, like rayon or something sheer.
3.Sewing Machine 
4. Scissors
5.Thread to match

 1.First you want to lay your tank down and decide the design you want.  
2.  Take your material and fold it,  making several layers.
3. Cut out your flower shape. I cut out about 50 give or take a few.

4. I went in sections.  I did the neck first, then I worked in 4 inch sections, looking at it after each section to see if it was even.
 5 Trim all the  loose strings.


I hope you all have a Wonderful Monday!
I can not WAIT to see you next week for Re-Style number 21.

 20 down  32 to go.
Click on the picture 
for all the details 
on project Re-Style.


  1. Oh wow!! I just love it Anne! Amazing! What a brilliant idea!!

  2. ooh pretty! its so dainty! This would be fun with a glitzy sequin cardi and your white jeans... or is that over the top? in my head it looks gooorge! <3

  3. I think this is very cute! Great idea..

  4. OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD GIIIIIIIIIIRL you soooooooooo out did yourself on this


  5. Amazing!! If you add some tulle, it could be a wedding dress!!! You're one crazy, talented person dear!! How can you even get all these ideas?? Congratulations!!! :)

  6. Looks amazing! What a great idea to re-style your clothing. Don't know how you keep coming up with new ideas after already doing 20 :o

  7. Very cute! Would be even nicer if I was that skinny and could wear the tank with just a simple pair of leggings or skinny jeans to really showcase the shirt! Love it!

  8. Looks really cute!!!

    kisses xoxo


  9. wow!!! lovely!!!

  10. Hi Anne -
    I just thought I would let you know that I finally started sewing - albeit in a 'fly-by-night' kamikazee style - but I ended up with a sweet little summer dress for my daughter made from 3 shirts I was going to throw out. Your blog was the one that first got me thinking about repurposing some clothes for my daugther...thanks! Hope you'll have a look when you get a few minutes.



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