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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Easy Valentine's Day Garland

I really wanted to make some Heart Garland to put on my Mantle for Valentine's Day.  I finally I sat down last night and did just that, while  G was watching a movie.  I  then asked G, my Son, if he wanted to help me,  and he said "No way.!! But I will sit here with you".. I thought that was the Sweetest Thing..

YAY!!! For Really Easy and Inexpensive..
Valentine's Day Garland.


Things you need

1. Old Calendar.
2. Scissors, mine have a scalloped edge..  I saw a pack 
     of fun edge scissors at Wal-mart,4 different edges for 6$, in the craft  section.
3. Thin Jute or ribbon.
4. Heart Cookie cutters.
5. Hot Glue or regular glue.  I like instant, so I opt for Hot glue.. Maybe craft tape would work.

First you  trace your hearts..
Then Cut them out..

Then you  cute the jute to the length you need.

 Place the bigger heart down, then glue the smaller heart on top with the string in the middle of the two..
That's it!! 
Now just hang it where you want it..

 More Cute Heart Garland  @How about Orange HERE.
and @You Know How Where a Art Family HERE
 And @ Christy Nelson.net HERE
I love Hearts!!<3
Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. I love that you recycled a calender, I love that it is not red or pink, and I love the jute!

  2. This is such an easy craft that even I might be able to handle it. It is so pretty though. LOVE it.

  3. very sweet and looks lovely in your home. I am a big fan of paper upcycling as a decorative accessory. Great job!

  4. very nice! Your son was sweet "I'll sit with you" :)

    I need to add some love decorations around here.


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