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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Belt

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  
I just have to share with you my new belt I got in the mail yesterday. YAY!! 
I have been looking for a Skinny, Spring Belt  since the beginning of Winter.  I Found this great Pink, Brown and Tan, Calf Skin belt on this Amazing  site called BESO.com.  A great Shopping site that you can search for anything that  you want, and very easy to navigate., (and you guys know I love Easy).  Let's Say you want a Skinny Belt, or you want a Brown Belt you just type Skinny Belt  or Brown Belt into the Search Engine and off you go.  You can also search BESO.com by price, which its my favorite, because lets face it, I want the best for my well earned dollar. 
I think this site will be how I shop online from now on.  
I hope your Tuesday is Going Great!


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