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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am running a tad slow today. It must be Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon I made last night, I have to say it turned out  pretty good.  
Princess Cola was suppose to  be taken to get her nails clipped this morning, but because I forgot and fed her,  she has to go tomorrow.  You see, Cola almost has a heart attack when you try to do her nails, so she has to be slightly sedated get them cut, that is  why no food.  Oh well, one more night of her walking around the house like she is tap dancing. 
WOW!! how it can get annoying.
I did a switch a roo this morning on my clothes, I had on shirt on but changed into a long sweater. I just wasn't feeling the other shirt.  I love to wear all black sometimes, because it gives the illusion of being taller and  it shaves off a few pounds (All optical illusions) But I say hooray for optical illusions!!!
I need one this morning..;)
 Black Jeggings- Target
 Sweater- Macy's
Boots- Charlotte Russe

Have a Wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Um, hello - love this! Very simple but totally cute - I love black and brown together!!

  2. Lovely sweater. I trim my dogs nails, but I want to try a grinder. I heard those are better for them.

  3. Awesome sweater! I love the all black look, especially the way you paired it with those brown boots (I didn't know Charlotte Russe made shoes!)

  4. This is a combo I wear often! cute black sweater over black tights with boots! Though I only have black boots... and my hair is really dark... so I have to be tan and wear funky colorful accessories or I look like a vampire! hehe

    love the neck of that top Anne! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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