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Monday, February 28, 2011

Project Re-Style #9

Happy Monday Everyone!
We are on Week number 9 of our Project Re-Style Challenge.  If you are joining my Blog for the first time, I am doing A Restyle of something old or that doesn't fit, every week for one year.   Monday is  my Re-Style day!  That's right, 52 weeks of Re-Styling. ~ I am starting to LOVE Mondays~
Sound fun ?  All the details will be at the end of this post.

This weeks Re-Style is  a skirt that I have had about a year.  It was really long and really big, (4 inches too big). So instead of it  just sitting in my closet or me giving it away, I decided to make it shorter and tighter.
It is such a great Spring color, and now it is full and bouncy and fun. 
I  can't wait to wear it.
So here is my tutorial and please bear with me,
tutorials are hard to do sometimes.

Here is what I did.

 I turned it inside out.
 I ripped out the slip and zipper.
 I made the slip smaller to fit me, and  reattached the zipper to the slip, so  I could use it under my new skirt.

 I took the skirt and cut it to the length that I wanted.
Then with the material I cut off, I  folded that in half and made a tube for the elastic band, i left an  opening to thread the elastic through.   I measured my waist and cut a piece of elastic to fit me, and threaded it through the opening.  Then I stitched the elastic together, and closed  the opening with an invisible stitch.

 I turned my skirt inside out , Placed the band on the inside of the skirt and pinned it to the skirt.
~ gathering the material to make it match up. 
Then  I sewed the band to the skirt.

  This is how short I made the skirt, and the pink skirt is how the top of the skirt  looked before.

And we are all done!
9 down 43 to Go
Click the Picture above for all the details.

Thank you for joining me for this weeks Re-Style.
I Hope I see you next week for number 10.
Have a super Great Monday Everyone! 
Go Out and Re-Style Something.


  1. Cool!!! Sewing is the next thing on my list of things to learn! :D
    Have a wonderful week girl!


  2. I wouldn't have thought that the length and drop waist would make the older skirt so dated, but side-by-side, the coral-orange one looks so much more current. Excellent restyle project!!

  3. i love your re-styles. i do this quite often...but mine mainly involve a scissors and that's it! you lost me at step two, lol! the colors in this outfit are two of my spring favorites...tangerines and teals.


  4. This is really cute. I just bought a white skirt from goodwill that is like this one. Might have to adjust it a little.

  5. What a great way to update your wardrobe. I would love to feature this on my blog, Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Thanks!


  6. That is awesome. I wish I had the courage to do it myself since it is hard to find the right length skirt when you are 5'2". Thank you so much for sharing.


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