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Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Re-Style #4

Yay!  I am really excited how this weeks re-style turned out.  If you are just tuning in I am part of Project Re-Style.  Fifty Two weeks of re-styling something you have that is old and turning into something new and exciting.   You can find out all the info if you click on the picture.

This is a purse I found at this Wonderful Vintage store, for the whopping price of $5.00.   I loved the shape of it, but when I got it home and wore it for a day the straps were uncomfortable and I thought they were to long.  The bag also lacked something to keep it closed.  I wanted shorter straps.   UMMMM  how to fix this?  Well once again lying in bed, justtttt about to fall asleep and WHAM! the idea hit me. I had and chain belt that was  about 8, 9 years old, lol , just hanging in my closet waiting to be re-purposed.  The next morning I began the Re-Styling process.  Now I am not going to lie, this one took me a little longer to get the way I wanted.  But the new Purse made it to the finish line.

  And here is how I did it.


Old Belt, Purse, Needle Nose Pliers.

Small Scissors

Ribbon of your choice

First I took the big ring off the end of the Belt. 
I will save that for another project.

I carefully cut off the straps,   
also saving them also for another project.

 I attached the end of the belt 
where the old straps were.

I threaded the chain through the straps like this.
Hooked the end  like this.

 Now it looks like this.

Now just lace your ribbon through the chain.  
I cut one long piece folded it in half 
and started at one end.

 Then I tied  A bow at the end. 
This took me about twenty tries. 
I also re-threaded the ribbon about four times 
to get it to look the way I wanted.
So you might have to play with it  a little.

 And here it is, my New Purse. 
I wore it today and it worked great!
YAY!!! 4 down  48 to go .

As I said before, I am trying to do one every Monday.
Everyone have a Super Night.


  1. this rocks. Excellent restyling project!

  2. NICE Anne!! I never would have guessed the purse didn't come that way. Way to go!

  3. Good call! The purse looks so much better. And I love your belt too~

  4. So awesome - can you come do some of mine???

  5. You're so creative. Looks fantastic after your magic.

  6. SO SMART! I'm trying to think of bags in my closet that I can do this with ;)


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