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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Needing more Space!

Today I looked at all my belts and purses and decided I needed a redo. I put my thinking cap on and  went to the store.   I bought 3  hook and rail sets, grabbed  a basket I had lying around and put in some good old fashion work creating my own little accessory corner.  Now all my stuff is in one place, give or take a few things,  but for the most  part everything is here. It is  only the beginning, because I want to reorganize everything  I can, to make life just a little easier. I wish I  had taken a before shot but alas, I did not. Just imagine, before  I only had the Hotel de  Ville de Paris mirror and the hooks under the Amore sign. Everything else is new. I spent about 30$

I put all my clutch purses and gloves in the basket.

Purses I don't use that often, went up high.

Here, I marked All the New Stuff I Added.
Happy Reorganizing.


  1. I loved the room! : D


  2. Love the space in your room.. and what a great new things you got it.
    lee x

  3. Nice job Anne! Where did you find that hanging basket? I looked all over town for a wall-hanging type basket to put my hairdryer in for our master bath. Finally found one, but it's not half as cute as yours!

    Such a cute little accessory corner!

  4. So cool! all the pretty stuff is now on display and so easy to access! whoohoo!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. I love to fill walls with stuff. This is great!

  6. Can you tell me what color paint that is on your walls? It is so soothing and comforting! I love it!

  7. Sure the color is Tainted Gold, ATC-37 R:234 G:216 B:151 Porter Paints.

  8. Hi there- looks great! Love to have things all organized and pretty!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  9. That's awesome! Way to organize! :)

  10. Great job on your solution!

    I am having an antique auction on my blog. All sorts of lovely and romantic finds looking for a new home. I hope you'll stop by.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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