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Friday, January 14, 2011

Kitchen Overhaul

I was scanning and organizing some photos tonight when I came across our Kitchen remodel we did about 4 years ago. We have a 1926 year old house and the only thing that needed remodeling was the kitchen.  Me, My Husband,My Brother,and my Brothers Wife,  did this makeover all  by ourselves and had so much fun doing it. My Brother was just starting out in his own Business, Mountain Dream Homes Inc. and he is a wonderful  perfectionist. My Sister in law and I designed it, well I told her what I wanted, and she did the rest. She is amazing .  We all put in 5 days of  early mornings and late nights to get this done and  we laughed from beginning to end..  This is proof that a kitchen remodel  can be done, start to finish,  in 5 days. Thanks B and A for helping us get the kitchen of our DREAMS.. We Love You!


From the Beginning

Kraft Made,  All Wood , Maple Cabinets.


  1. Those counter tops of lovely! My house is old, but not as old as yours! 1926, that's so coo!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, and for not showing my unhealthy body! We did have fun!! ASA

  3. Neat anne. Great job by all. BA

  4. Five days! That's awesome and it's so beautiful! We had a contractor and it took a month! And, lots of $$ :( And, my baby was 3mo. I just had a revelation! Mayme that's why he's slightly asthmatic!

    We have a six-burner gas range as well on our island! Are those granite countertops? We couldn't spring for them. You did a great job on the design and execution of it. Someday I'll share my full kitchen when it's clean. So, give me like a year or two.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


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