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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well the cold weather  has finally hit us. The weather men say it will be a frigid 27 degrees tonight. Burrrr.  This is pretty good news #1, because  it is not that often that we get really cold weather#2, I get to wear my BOOTS.  Granted, I am not doing too much today, besides running a few errands  and  my fun crafting projects. Still, I must say,  anytime I get to wear my boots, it is a pretty good day.;)

Shirt- Express, Vest- Charlotte Russe, Cords -Target

Coat- Express 5 or 6 years a go.

Tie -Walmart

Gloves and Bag- Target

Have a Super Wednesday.


  1. cute cute cute - i love boots too. i think we had a low temp of 27 degrees last night too and i put on my boots today. I generally wear boots with a skirt, maybe because I like western looking boots.

  2. I SERIOUSLY j'adoooooooore! Perfect example of Menswear done right... do you know what brand the boots are?? Dying for them. :)

  3. LOVE YOUR BOOTS! =) and the vest! ohmygosh! great outfit

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Another beautiful outfit! Love, love those boots. I wish we got cold weather here. The lowest it gets during the day is in the 50's. Sometimes 30-40's at night.


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