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Thursday, January 13, 2011

That Touch Of Pink!

H and I went to Target last night to pick a movie she has been wanting for about ten long years,  Kiki's Delivery Service.  I had no intention in buying anything, I SWEAR!    I was just going to wander casually though the sale items, like I normally do. What did I see to my SURPRISE,  well something I have been eying for about 4 months. It was a  Beautiful Cognac Colored Faux Leather Jacket  and  oh my heavens on sale too WOW!   My mad money came in pretty Handy yesterday. Plus I get to wear my Boots again, YAY. 
Proof of Price at the bottom.  
Squeal with delight.

 Pink Angora Sweater -Victoria's Secret  $9.00 on a super sale,

Scarf Can't remember.,I think -Target

Tan Sweater and Turtleneck -Target . Wow I shop a lot at Target.

I am in love with these gloves. I can type and and keep warm at the same time. Both Bag and Gloves- Target

Madden Girl Boots- Marshall's

See I told you.:)
And because I have PINK on the brain, I had to wear it today.;)
Have a super Thursday Everyone!

Good example of trying something on and not liking it .  Took off the pink Sweater, I liked it better without it.


  1. ahhh love it! as always! =) The gloves look like a black pair i have worn into the ground! Did you get them recently? Cause If so I will hunt for them! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Wow, what a score! Love your outfit. and those gloves look cozy!


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